Ms. Morris
• Essential for groups to work effectively
• Little accomplished in a group until trust is
• Developing trust is one of the most
important tasks groups must FIRST
Results of Trust
• Group member satisfaction
• Maximum group productivity
Feelings in a Group
Not welcome
Identity problems
Unsure of group expectations
Communication Develops Trust
• Communication begins as we get to know
one another
• Trust grows as we talk and share
information about ourselves
• Spirit of trust and cooperation when
everyone feels equal, respected, and safe
Physical Climate of a Group
• Need a POSITIVE physical setting
– Adequate space for all members to sit
– Tables and chairs that are arranged so
members can see one another for direct,
open discussion
– Comfortable room temperature
– Adequate lighting
– Limited noise and distraction
Social Climate of a Group
• Establish a POSITIVE social atmosphere
– Get to know one another
– Ask members for opinions and suggestions
– Define group goals and reasons for group
– Orient new members so they can become
contributing members quickly
– Discard unnecessary activity
Trust Activity Rules
• Do NOT tease anyone – we all need to
feel safe from ridicule
• Laughing is allowed because we will all
look very silly
• COMMUNICATE – you will need to talk
things through with your group members
• Have fun

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