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Cost details in Form Cs
 Introduction
 What is the new feature in a Form C
 What will be achieved
 What will it look like
 Business Logic
 New-style Form Cs
 Old-style Form Cs
 Reporting
 Per Activity Type
 Per Cost Type
 Per Work Package
 Questions
• In current Form Cs the user writes the amount
of costs directly in the editable cells of the
cost matrix.
• In new-style Form Cs the user will be able to
click on a cell and add inside a pop-up
window, one or more lines of details for:
 Cost
 Explanation
 Work Package
• In this way, the user can:
 Split the total costs in sub-costs defining
different descriptions and work packages for
each cost item.
Have reports grouped by these details (for
example costs per work package).
• Upon clicking on a cell of an empty cost matrix,
the follwoing pop-up will be shown
The title of the window presents the Activity
Type and the Cost Type of the selected cell.
 “Cost” field is mandatory
 Total cost is automatically calculated
• Upon clicking on the “plus” icon a new empty
row is added
• Upon clicking on the “X” icon
If only one row exists/remains then the “X” icon
becomes disabled.
• Upon clicking the “Done” button the sum of
the detail lines is copied back to the
corresponding field of Form C
• No changes.
But, if users want to convert an old-style Form C
to a new-style (with details) they can doubleclick on a cell.
A confirmation pop up window will be shown
• No details will be provided.
• The field will remain as it is, directly editable.
• The Coordinator can view a printable summary of:
 Details per Activity
 Details per Cost Type
 Details per Work Package
• Can be accessed through:
 A link in the Form C screen
 A separate tab in FORCE
 A link next to “Submission History”

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