Irfan Khan, Janani - Social Franchising for Health

Delivery of Family Planning Services in
Rural Bihar Through ‘Surya Partners’
Irfan Khan
Director, Programs
Janani, India
Lightning Session
2014 Global Conference on Social Franchising for Health
Oct 22 – 24, 2014, Cebu, Philippines
identifies persons with desire to plan their
family and provide them with the appropriate
contraceptive method;
AND in case of contraceptive failure provides
comprehensive safe abortion services
Persons with unmet need for family planning
At Govt.
Janani Service Delivery Model
Means of Service Provision
1) Janani Owned Clinics (Surya)
Caters to town/semi urban
population, Poor access for
rural areas
2) Franchisee Surya Clinic
Primarily situated at
block level, Needs Govt.
accreditation, Delay in
reimbursements leads to
drop outs
3) At Government Facilities
Irregular service provision,
Poor quality services drive
clients to private providers
Situation Analysis
• Both Government and NGO interventions heavily focused on
permanent method (esp ligation)
• Front Line Workers more ‘interested’ in taking clients for permanent
• Ligation services concentrated in district HQ or major towns, leaving
women from rural areas out of the service net
• Lack of trained providers doing ligation in rural areas – reason for
inadequate/no services in rural areas
Preference for one type of FP service leading to nonavailability of all other types of FP services in rural areas
Innovation – Surya Partners
• These are small clinics/private practitioners at Village level or at a
Town Periphery who can provide non-surgical FP services:
a) IUCD insertions
b) Injectable services and
c) All other Surya range of products like Condoms, OCPs, ECs,
Pregnancy Test Kits, etc
Win-Win Situation for Both Client & Provider
• Client travel to town/district ONLY when permanent method is
desired ; All other services available nearby
• No need of Government accreditation
• Clinics offered entire range of Surya products at subsidized rates
• Janani’s network of health promoters (SHPs), ASHAs, and others
refer clients
Thank You

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