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Anviz Online Training Lesson 13
M5 Outdoor Fingerprint & Card Reader/Controller
Anviz International Technical Support Team
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Brief Introduction
Anviz M5 access control device is designed to fit most door frames.
A metal case, with IP65 water-proof design, makes it suitable for
indoor and outdoor applications. M5 supports 125kHz proximity
cards and fingerprint identification. It has both Wiegand and
TCP/IP protocol interfaces and can be combined with
SC011(Power supply access controller) to be a combined access
control device, or integrated with SAC844 (or professional
distributed access controller from a third-party) to enable largescale networks.
User management
(One ID matches one card and two fingerprints)
Whether you swipe the card or use fingerprint, only your ID will be showed
in the system which makes it quite simple and clear.
One step to clear data
Just swipe a master card when you want to clear all the data.
Easy installation
Equipped with metal case and IP65 water-proof technology, M5 can be
installed in various indoor and outdoor places.
High adaptability
Through standard Wiegand interface, M5 is compatible with most third-party
access controllers, which helps to reduce the cost of upgrades and
Cost-effective solution for small scale projects
Connections with SC011 acts as a standalone access control terminal for
most small access control applications.
Operation guide
There are 4 cards come with the package:
Enroll Card , Delete Card and User
Card * 2.
Register FP
Operation guide
Register card
Register FP+card
M5 Application
Function button
Keep pressing function button for 4s until you hear several beeps to
delete the enroll card and delete card in case of you lost them. This
operation will not delete user data, and you have to re-register
administrator card(enroll card and delete card) to run device in the
following ways.
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Copyright © 2001-2012 Anviz Global Inc. USA
Copyright © 2001-2012 Anviz Global Inc. USA

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