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S Thank you for coming!
S We are getting ready for an exciting
Make sure you pick up…
S 1. A folder with the JO volleyball forms
S 2. A pamphlet for you to keep or share with others
S 3. A clothing order form
S 4. Any fundraising forms you are interested in participating
Introducing the coordinators
S Alisha Brust – Big Lake JO
S Justin Larson – Big Lake
Assistant Coordinator
The Junior Olympic Volleyball
S We offer a volleyball experience for girls in grades 4 through 11
S We are sanctioned by USA volleyball (not NFHS)
S We are located in the North Country Region
The Junior Olympic Volleyball
S Our teams practice 1-2 times each week
S Each practice is 90-120 minutes long
S We play weekend playdates and/or tournaments, which can
fall on Saturdays or Sundays
Our philosophy
S There is no such thing as equal playing time!
S In grades 4-8, we try to have playing time be as equal as
S In grades 9-11, all kids will play throughout the day, but
playing time will not be equal. In playoffs, we play to win.
S Tryouts will be on Sunday, December 7th (backup Dec. 14th)
S Grades 4-8 will be from 12:00 to 2:00
S Cuts will not be made!
S Grades 9-11 will be from 2:30 – 5:00
S Cuts may be made
S Younger athletes can and may be asked to tryout for higher
teams (typically 8th graders)
Teams we are offering…
S 10s (4th grade)
S 15s (Freshmen)
S 11s (5th grade)
S 16s (Sophomores)
S 12s (6th grade)
S 17s (Juniors)
S 13s (7th grade)
S *Can have multiple teams in
S 14s (8th grade)
S 14 - Elite
10s through 14s*
S *Team is determined by the
single oldest player*
How will I find out what team I
am on?
S We will put the teams on our
2014/2015 Fees
S For 10s, 11s and 12s - $260 for the season
S Practice once per week
S 5 events (tournaments and play dates)
S Jerseys provided
2014/2015 Fees
S 13s and 14s - $350 for the season
S Practice once per week
S Will participate in 7 events (tournaments and play dates)
S Need to purchase a jersey for $30 that they can keep
2014/2015 Fees
S 14 Elite, 15s and 16s - $400 for the season
S Practice twice per week
S Participate in 8 to 9 events with 1-2 overnight trips
S President’s Day
S Will need to purchase a $30 jersey that they keep
2014/2015 Fees
S 17s - $450 for the season
S Practice twice per weeek
S Participate in 8-9 events with 1-2 overnight trips
S President’s Day
S Need to purchase a $30 jersey that they keep
2014/2015 Fee Comparison
Some examples of other programs…
Elk River - 11s - $300, 12s and 13s - $550, 14s through 16s - $800
Granite City (St. Cloud) - 11s through 13s - $425, 14s through 17s - $550
Monticello - 10s through 12s - $250, 13s and 14s - $350, 15s and 16s - $400,
17s - $450
Saint Michael - 12s - $700, 13s - $800, 14s - $1000, 15s and 16s - $1300
Rogers - 10s and 11s - $250, 12s and 13s - $400, 14s - $500, 15s and 16s - $625
Payment Schedule
S The first half of your fees plus your jersey will be due the
night of tryouts.
S Fundraising money earned will be deducted from this
S You can choose to pay for the entire season if you wish
S If you are interested in digital payments, talk to us!
S On tryout night, you will need to bring a check post-dated
for February 1st, 2015 for the second half of your fee that we
will deposit on February 1st.
S Returned checks will get a fee added on
S Our first fundraiser will run from October 21st to November 14th.
All money and orders are due to Ms. Brust at Big Lake Middle
School on November 15th!
S You can turn them in early
S This gives us time to calculate your totals and have an accurate
amount that you owe the night of tryouts
S We are selling Heggie’s Pizza, meat and fruit spreads, and
Happenings books
S We had MANY kids pay for their entire fee through these
S To help offset the costs of the program, we run concession stands
at various tournaments that are held in the Big Lake Schools.
S Each player will have to work one shift in a concession stand
throughout the season.
S Girls in grades 6 and below will need an adult with them
S We will be looking for a “Key Parent” from each team to be on
our concessions committee. You will receive $50 off your fee at a
minimum, and possibly share a percent of the sales.
S We have had problems with players and parents following
through with their concession stand obligations.
S At tryouts, we will also collect a $50 check from each family.
S We will keep this check, and return it to you once your
concession stand obligation has been fulfilled.
S We will only cash the check if you do not work your
scheduled shift.
So, what do we need for
S 1. All forms completed and filled out.
S 2. Payment for your first half of your fees and jersey minus
your fundraising.
S 3. A check postdated for February 1st, 2015 for the second
half of your fees.
S A $50 deposit for your concession stand shift.
What does the player need?
S Athletic Shoes
Spandex shorts (black or
blue for games, depending
on team)
Volleyball/Court Shoes
S Athletic shorts
Ankle braces for older net
S Required:
S Kneepads
S T-shirt
S Hair binders
S Recommended:
The most interesting thing to
kids we offer…
S Clothing is all optional. We have samples here tonight for a
warm-up jacket, warm-up pant, sweatshirt, t-shirt, shorts,
and socks.
S If you are interested, please pick up a clothing order form
and write down what sizes you are interested in.
S We may be doing this all online. Not taking any $$ tonight.
S Warm-up Jacket - $45 with no name, $50 with
S Pants – Emblem and Name $45, logo only $40, plain $35
S Shorts - $22 with embroidery
S Digicamo T-shirt - $25, with a name on the back - $30
S Sweatshirt - $50, $55 with a name on the back
S Socks - $10
Where Can You Get
S The hub for all calendars, documents, and information
S Twitter @biglakejo
S Our way to get out information fast when needed. Schedule
changes, reminders of due dates, etc. Used sparingly!
S Facebook Group “Lady Hornet Volleyball”
S Follow how teams are doing in tournaments and pictures!
Twitter As Texts?!?!
S You don’t need a Twitter account to get updates!
S Text to #40404 and in the message write “follow biglakejo”
S You will receive any tweets as texts!
S This is the most important thing for you to be on!
S We will respect your desire to not get blown up with texts!
Any More Questions?
S Alisha Brust – [email protected]
S 612-963-4217
S Justin Larson – [email protected]
S 763-232-5511
S Yes we TEXT, and prefer it!

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