Staff iPad WebDAV Setup Guide

Staff iPad WebDAV Setup Guide
You may already have WebDav downloaded and on your iPad
• Do not do this setup UNTIL you have installed iTunes on your
computer and created an Itunes account AND downloaded a free
• A document on how to do this is called “iTunes Acc Without Credit
• It is located here:
G:\1A COMMON\1 A IT FAQ\iPad\Staff iPad Guides
• This enables you to create an iTunes account without having to put
in credit card details.
• Please do this first.
Do you already have WebDav?
• WebDav may have downloaded automatically
to your iPad.
• If so, look for the WebDav app icon
• Then go to slide #8 (shown below)
First WebDAV needs to be downloaded
from the App Store.
1) Tap “App Store”
2) If prompted, this will allow you to
download iBooks – tap the desired
3) Tap in the search box and type in
4) Tap “Search”
This screen shows all the apps associated
with WebDAV. The upper box displays
iPad apps and the lower one displayed
iPhone apps. More apps can be viewed
by tapping the “See All” button above
the respective boxes.
5) For now, tap the “FREE” button, next
to WebDAV Navigator, this will change to
a green button saying “INSTALL”
6) Tap the “INSTALL” button
You will then be prompted for the
password of the Apple ID.
7) Enter in the password for your Apple
ID and tap “OK”
The iPad will then install WebDAV
8) When it has completed tap the app
9) Once WebDAV Nav is open, tap the
add link button
10) The following details need to be entered.
Name: Chisholm Workspaces
Must be a capital
Server URL:
Username: the same username you use to login to the schools
Password: the same password used to login to the school’s
11) Once that has been done, Tap “Save”
You can now view any of the shares by
tapping the item in the list
To navigate the shares just tap on the
item you wish to view.
Note: on some iPad the folders may be
at the bottom and you will have to scroll
down to see them.

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