Shark Cull Pres_2

Western Australia Shark Cull
Amber Schwindling
I. What is the W.A. shark cull?
II. W.A. shark attack records
III. Opposition
IV. Will it work?
V. Alternative Strategies
What is the W.A. shark cull?
• State government policy of capturing and killing large sharks
by using baited drum lines
• 3 month program
• 72 drum lines across 200 km
• Target: Great Whites, Bull sharks, and Tiger sharks
• Caught: 172
• Killed: 50
• Important to remember: shark attacks are random
• Activists removed bait from drum
• Protestors gathered on the beach
on two occasions ranging in the
Will it work?
• Theory: fishing close to popular swimming beaches
deceases local populations, thus reducing human
• Evidence supports localized decline… but not in all species
• White sharks and tiger sharks are highly mobile
• No white sharks captured, mostly tiger sharks
• 70% of catch weren't large enough to be considered a
threat or were bycatch
Alternative strategies
• Satellite-linked shark tagging
• Personal shark protection
– Electronic shark deterrents
– Camouflage wetsuits

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