DIBP Student Orientation Presentation 2012

Student Visas
Department of Immigration and
Border Protection (DIBP)
WA Student Centre
Student Visas – Student Integrity unit
Understanding your Visa
Only one message for today
• What we want you to remember is:
The earlier, the better
Don’t become a statistic
During the year 2012 we cancelled
almost 1000 student visas because of
breaches of visa conditions.
An large number of those cancellations
could have been avoided if only those
students would have done that one thing:
Where do you find your visa conditions?
The visa grant letter you received listed
all your visa conditions.
If you didn’t keep your letter, look at your
passport visa label (if you have a label)
Go to DIBP website (www.immi.gov.au)
and access VEVO.
It’s that simple.
DIBP website - VEVO
Passport visa label
Student Visa Conditions – must comply
Cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight while course is in session
Must maintain enrolment in registered course / Maintain
satisfactory course progress and Maintain satisfactory
Continue to satisfy the requirements of the grant of the student visa (ie.
main course of study matches your student visa; you still have financial
Notify education provider of change of address in Australia –within 7
The Triple A
• Attend
• Achieve
• Advise
Student Visas
Applying for a new Student Visa or
extending your current visa in
I just arrived, why should I need a new visa?
Change of circumstances:
After just a few months you think you may...
Change to study plan/course?
Change career?
Bring dependants?
OK, I need a new visa: What to do?
Call 131 881 and/or
Do it yourself, go to
1. DIBP website at www.immi.gov.au/students
2. Determine your Assessment Level using form 1219i
3. Download your Application Checklist and gather the
necessary evidence before lodging your new application
4. Proceed to make an online application for your visa
Lodging online gives you access to
VEVO - Visa Entitlement Verification Online
QAS – Query Application Status page
How to Apply
Lodging another student visa application
TIP: Quickest and easiest: apply online
For online applications you will need the following:
• new CoE
• Credit card or BPAY® payment
• Your current passport
TIP: lodge a complete application
What is a complete application? One that includes:
• Confirmation of Enrolment number (CoE)
• Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) – coverage
• Health assessment (if required)
• English Proficiency (where applicable)
• Financial evidence (where applicable)
• Dependants (where applicable)
complete applications = guaranteed faster visa assessment!
Contact Details
Student Integrity unit (SI) – contact SI for all your queries
related to breaches or possible breaches of your visa conditions.
Email us :
[email protected]
Student Visa Branch (SVB) – contact SVB for all your queries
related to applying for a new visa or changing your current visa
Student general enquiries: 131 881
DIBP WA Office:
Ground Floor, Wellington Central
836 Wellington Street, PERTH
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday (9am – 4pm)
• DIBP does not send texts or links via email
for payment of money.
• DIBP does not accept cash or credit card
payments to officers in the field.
• What to look for

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