eCOE Quickstart - Collection of Evidence / Overview

eCOE for Beginners
Cindy Jouper
ESD 113
[email protected]
 Intended for those who have never used eCOE
 Step-by-step
 Topics:
Logging in
Creating groups
Adding students to groups
Assigning work to students
Giving students logins
Giving students access
Checking student work
Submitting student work
District Security
Manager creates
staff accounts and
assigns roles
Students –
complete work,
submit to teacher
Teacher approves
Building Admin or
teacher – creates
Teacher – turns on
access for the class
Principal approves
Building Admin or
teacher – assigns
students to groups
Teacher – assigns
tasks/prompts to
Work is submitted
to state for scoring
Logging In
 All staff logins go through EDS at OSPI
 District Security Manager sets up accounts and
 Students log in directly to eCOE site
EDS Roles
 DAC – eCOEDistrictAdmin AND
 Teachers – eCOESchoolAdvisorReading and/or
 Principals - eCOESchoolPrincipal
 Other school administrator - eCOESchoolAdmin
Creating Groups
 Reading and writing groups are separate
 Full and augmentation are separate
 Teacher must have logged in at least once before a
group can be assigned
 DEMO – Creating groups
 DEMO – Assigning students to groups
Assigning Tasks/Prompts
 DEMO – Assigning tasks/prompts
 DEMO – Assigning on-demand items
 DEMO – Creating tasks/prompts
Student Logins
Site Access/Group Access
Access controlled at site level and group level
Site Access is turned on by default
Individual classroom access controlled by teacher
Administrator CAN turn off access to entire site
 DEMO – Site Open/Closed
 DEMO – Classroom level access
Student Work
 Students log in directly to site
 Students must answer all questions (no blanks)
 Students can submit one work sample at a time to
teacher for approval
 DEMO: Student responses
Approving Student Work
 Can be done a sample at a time or entire collection
 Student selects samples to be included in collection
 After teacher approves entire collection goes to
 Principal approval sends collection to state
Miscellaneous Information
 No signatures required – login is considered signature
 No SSID numbers
 Student work is backed up on secure servers
BUT…local backups are always an excellent idea!
For more help…
 Email [email protected]
 Call 360-464-6708 (8:30 – 4:30 daily)
 COE Website –
 Sandbox site
 Training videos
 Help files

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