Sample Your Turn slide

Traffic Control
 Why I picked it:
Marie desJardins
 I hate sitting at traffic
lights and being stuck in
 If people spent less time
idling, it would reduce
greenhouse emissions and
calm road rage
 Computing:
Picture from a presentation by Peter Stone
 Adaptive traffic light timing
 Traffic intersection control (see
 Monitor traffic density (google
maps traffic option)
Picture from Google Maps
Your Slide Must…
 Be a copy of slide 1 ONLY of this presentation
 Must not change slide design, but can add any graphics,
change fonts, etc. that you wish
 Include your name and a title
 Explain your application domain and why you
chose it
 Mention two or more applications of computers
 Be readable (appropriate colors, font size, etc.)
and grammatically correct
 Have some visual interest (using slide design, clip
art, or pictures)
 Include citations for borrowed pictures
Submitting Your Slide
 You must upload your slide to blackboard, no later
than 11:59pm on Thursday, October 13Attachment
must be named <youremailid>-slide.ppt
 Slides submitted up to 1 day late will be accepted,
with a 25% penalty
 Slides submitted more than 1 day late will not be
accepted (you will have to do your presentation
without a slide, and your grade will be reduced

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