Laura Senneway's PowerPoint Presentation

Internet Safety
Let’s Take Questions First!
● On your notecard,
please write down 12 questions you have
regarding internet
The Digital Age
● Our students have not
known an age without
the internet.
● It connects people
from around the world,
but it is important for
students to practice
using the internet in a
safe manner.
Protecting Kids’ Privacy
A few tips...
Apps to Lookout For
Kik Messenger
Messaging features within apps
o Ex. Trivia Crack
Common Sense Media
App Ideas
● Sit down with your child and
see which apps they are using
o You can’t join every app-kids are resourceful
● Set up age limits on your
child’s device.
● Make a rule that your child
must ask before downloading
new apps.
A Few Suggestions...
● Keep an open line of communication with your child.
● Be aware of their online activity--improper usage can happen to
● Inform children of consequences if found bullying someone else
● Tell children do not respond to bullies, they are only looking for a
● Tell children they can come to you in confidence if something
isn’t right
● **Reinforce kindness!!! Kindergarten rules will apply your
ENTIRE life! (Trust me :-))
What Will You Take With You Today?
● On another post-it note,
please write down 1-2
things that you will take
with you from this evening
to share with your child.
● If you had to talk to your
child about internet safety,
what points would you be
sure to make?

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