John Keats presentation

John Keats
Jess Bish, Ben Ziolkowski, Mary Mangione, Nick Cully,
and Steven Siclari
Anticipatory Activity
What assumptions or opinions on Keats can
you make from the trailer?
What are major influences in his life?
What expectations do you have for his
Family Life
Born 1795 in Finsbury
Pavement, England
Father died from a
riding accident
Lost his mother and
brother to tuberculosis
Main Life Events
Pulled out of school to
apprentice a surgeon
Engaged to Fanny
Brawne, but died of
tuberculosis before he
could get married
Works of the Artist
Wrote all poetry in one
year at age 22
-written while in critical
Inspired by Shakespeare
His first book, Poems
sold poorly and his
second book, Endymion
was disliked
An Early Ending
Moved to Italy
--> died there 6 months
Died at age 25
His epitaph read
"Here lies one whose
name was writ in
Because Keats died so young, he had little
philosophy, but he did focus on using time
2 major influences of Keats' poetry:
-critical condition (tuberculosis)
-Engagement partner Fanny Brawne
Bright Star
A 2009 film which documents the love
between John Keats and Fanny Brawne
Provides insight into the world of Keats'
Bright Star
How does the narrator change his view
of the Star after the first four lines?
In what ways does he want to be like
the star? In what ways does he not
want to be like the star?
What does Keats desire from his life?
When I Have Fears (Pg. 862)
What are his fears?
How does Keats view life when he knows he
will die soon?
Are his fears realistic?
Why or why not?
Discussion Questions
What would be your fears if you would be
dying soon? Would you worry about the
same things that Keats did?
What does beauty mean to you? What does
beauty mean to Keats based on what we
have read in his poems?

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