Madisyn Sauseda PowerPoint

By: Madisyn Sauseda
Main Characters
The grandmother
Miss Ada
 The Lovely Bad Ones
 (Seth, Caleb & Ira)
 The Happy Ones
 The Sad Ones
 The Sober & Silent Ones
 The Boisterous & Glad Ones
 The Good Ones
The setting takes place in Corey’s &
Travis grandmother’s house in Fox Hill.
Where the happy ones, and sad ones, the
sober and the silent ones, the boisterous
and glad ones, The good ones- Yes, the
good ones, too; and all the lovely bad ones
come alive.
This book is about a boy and a girl named Travis
and Corey who visited their Grandma at Fox Hill. Travis
and Corey decided to trick their Grandma with a Ghost prank.
However, they didn’t realize they woke up actual ghosts from
the supernatural. They found that actual ghosts live in Fox
Hill and now they know they shouldn’t have done it. Their fears
come true as the ghosts give them sixty-seven reasons to make
what started as a joke, be right for them all.
Main Events
 Corey and Travis discover that there are real ghosts that
live in Fox Hill.
The come to find out that there are many ghosts who are
not at peace and that is why they will not rest.
Corey and Travis have to dig up the grave of Miss Ada
who was responsible for the deaths of all the poor ghosts
and get the book of all the names that she killed.
Once they find the names that were buried with Miss
Ada, they try to make things right and give the ghost a
proper burial.
The ghosts reward Corey, Travis and the Grandma with
gold coins but the Grandma decides to not keep it but use
it to help the poor.
 Corey and Travis have to dig up the
grave site of Miss Ada to find all
who died and who did not get a
proper burial.
 They must try and make a memorial
for all who died to give the ghosts
peace and stop the haunting.
 However, they come in contact with
Miss Ada’s evil spirit who tries to
stop them from helping the ghosts.
 Once the memorial is created for all
those who died, the spirits can all
finally rest.
My Opinion of the Book
I like this book because I love scary movies,
scary books I grew up with listening to
scary stuff.
My opinion for you is if you like scary movies,
scary books then this is the right book for
If you do not like scary stuff then I do not
recommend this book for you.

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