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PPE: Eye Protection
Why wear PPE?
• PPE is important because it’s the main way to
protect yourself from injuries
• Accidents always seem to happen “the one
time” the person wasn’t wearing PPE
Why wear glasses?
• Protect your eyes from injuries:
– Chemical splashes
– Physical injuries
– Biological exposures
– UV burns
Common Eye Injuries
• The CDC reports that every day 2,000 U.S.
workers have a job-related eye injury
– Majority are from small particles striking or
abrading the eye
– Chemical burns are also common
– Infectious disease transmission is a concern for
laboratory workers
UCD Policy
• It is the responsibility of laboratory workers to
use proper protective equipment when
working in the lab.
• Wear eye protection when working with
hazardous materials that may cause injuries to
the eye.
Video on Eye Safety
• “Splash Zone!” video link
– Video produced by the University of California –
San Diego
Which glasses to wear?
• Think about potential hazards
– Chemical? Biological? Physical? UV?
– Splash danger?
• Goggles provide more protection than safety
Which glasses to wear?
• Use tinted safety glasses when working with
UV or lasers
• Face shields and full-face respirators provide
additional protection
Emergency Response
• If you get something in your eye
– Use nearest eyewash to flush for 5-10 minutes
– Seek medical care
– Notify your lab manager and PI
• Report incidents to Risk Management with 4 business

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