CogAT Informational PPT

EA - ALM - ALR Testing
Parent Information Meeting
March 13, 2014
What the test measures
The test measures both general and
specific reasoning abilities.
 The general reasoning abilities reflect the
overall cognitive processes and strategies
that enable individuals to learn new tasks
and solve problems.
 These abilities are assessed in three
CogAT batteries: the Verbal, Quantitative,
and Nonverbal batteries.
How HVRSD uses the results.
Determines further testing for ALM &
 EA WIN Placement
 3rd grade WIN groups (pilot at TGG)
Scores Needed for EA
A score of 115 or greater in Verbal
Reasoning to move on in ALR testing.
 A score of 115 or greater in Quantitative
battery to move on in ALM testing.
 A 140 Composite (average of all three
batteries) for EA WIN
Grade 2 Testing Schedule
Practice: Week of March 17
◦ Helps students understand the process of the
Actual: Week of March 24
◦ Three days – about an hour each day.
Test Components
CogATs are broken down into 3 batteries
 Each battery is broken down into three
10 - 12 minute assessments, with breaks
in between each assessment.
◦ Day One - Verbal
◦ Day Two - Quantitative
◦ Day Three - Non-Verbal
Will be mailed to you from the Riverside
Publishing Company – in about 2-4
 You will receive scores for each battery,
along with a composite score.
 You will also receive a “learning profile”
based on your child’s cognitive ability.
2nd to 3rd ALM & ALR Testing
If your child receives a 115 or above in
Verbal and/or Quantitative – he/she will
then take internal testing for possible
placement in ALR and/or ALM.
 This testing will take place during the
weeks of April 21st & April 28th (during
 Placement letters will be sent to parents
by the end of May.
How to prepare your child for
This is a cognitive ability test.
 Studying or preparation is not necessary,
except the practice tests that the
teachers give in class the week before.
 Make sure your child is well rested.
 Make sure your child eats a good
breakfast the day of the test.
3rd & 4th Grade Appeals
Students may re-test for ALM and/or ALR
one time in their elementary career.
 Students with a 115 or higher CogAT
score will take internal testing only.
 Students with a 114 or lower CogAT
score will take the age appropriate
CogAT and will move on in the testing
process only if they score 115 or higher.
3rd & 4th Important Dates
Appeals must be in by March 28 to
subject supervisor.
◦ ALM – Mr. Peter James
◦ ALR – Ms. Sara Graja
◦ Testing will take place during the weeks of
April 21st & 28th
◦ Placement letters will be sent by the end of

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