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Cally Plan Update
Team Cally Ward Partnership
September 2014
What is the Cally Plan?
• Adopted January 2014
• Extensive consultation and led by a
steering group of local residents,
business owners and Councillors.
• Focuses on an area from Regent’s
Canal north to Pentonville Prison.
• Supplementary Planning Document
used in determining planning
• to reinforce a strong
positive identify
• strengthen the high street
to attract new businesses
and visitors
• unite the communities
and business on the east
and west of the Cally in a
sense of ownership, pride
and shared responsibility
for its success.
Delivery – 4 key themes
1. Promoting the Cally.
2. Improving the design
and streetscape of the
3. Improving the
management of the
4. Developing successful
How the plan will be implemented
• Plan identifies the council services and external organisation
involved in implementation of projects.
• Projects have been integrated into the Caledonian Ward
Improvement Plan to enable funding to be secured from a range
of sources.
• The pace of delivery of the plan will depend on how quickly
these funding resources can be secured.
• Given the current funding constraints delivery is likely to take
place over a number of years.
1. Promoting the Cally
– Utilising the area’s large
number of arts and creative
organisations to engage the
local community in arts and
cultural events and use them
to attract visitors.
– Coordinate street
improvement projects to
create a positive identity for
the Cally.
1. Promoting the Cally
• Funding secured from TFL towards
under bridge lighting scheme and
bespoke cycle parking.
• Some funding secured for arts
• A lot of work going on in the
community with several consultations
about arts initiatives, as well as street
• Events such as Cally Festival
important for local people and
attracting visitors and animating the
2. Improving the design and
streetscape of the Cally
• Improve public spaces
• Improve pedestrian environment
• Improve cycle routes and parking
• Regent’s canal area improvements
• Sites and building that should be
2. Improving the design and streetscape of
the Cally
Improving the east-west route
from the Cally to King’s ross some funding secured.
Cycling improvements – almost
completed scheme at
Copenhagen St/Cally Rd road to
reduce accidents. Cycle parking
also installed.
Decluttering of old street furniture
took place in 2013 & area
re-paved to improve streetscene.
Directional information also been
installed in the area.
2. Improving the design and streetscape of
the Cally
Better use of Tiber Gardens to reduce
antisocial behaviour - refurbishment now
Making better use of Thornhill Bridge
Community Gardens – agreement has
been reached to operate the space.
New pedestrian crossing and improved
junction at Offord Road/Cally Road –
scheme consulted on and hoping to
implement in January.
Preventing parking on pavement - bollards
installed on corner of Caledonian Rd &
Copenhagen St.
2. Improving the design and streetscape
of the Cally
Design guidance for new shopfronts and the development of historic
buildings on the Cally – on-going.
347 Caledonian Road before and after shopfront restoration
3. Improving the management of the
• Improving management of waste – regular
information, monitoring and enforcement.
• Guidance to make the street and shops more
accessible – on-going as projects are
implemented and planning applications
4. Developing successful businesses
• Encourage new businesses by allowing more
commercial uses on the Cally in large underused shop
units – on-going through the planning application
• Provide advice to independent businesses on the Cally
to help them become more successful – through
working closely with Business Employment Support
Team. No uptake of Green Light programme.

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