East Keith Road Proposed Laning

East Keith Road Proposed Lane Markings
Original Laning
New Laning with Bike lanes
The re-paving of East Keith Road in Fall 2011 provided an opportunity to consider laning changes to
address transportation issues.
This open house presents survey and traffic analysis results.
Both the District and the City are stakeholders (the south side of Keith Road is City land) and so, staff
from each municipality are on hand to answer questions.
We value your input. Thank you for attending!
Project Area
East Keith Road Proposed Lane Markings
OPEN HOUSE | April 25, 2012
Project Origin
Keith Road provides an important transportation connection for all modes in
the District and City of North Vancouver.
This project was initiated because Keith Road needed to be repaved. Repaving
provides the opportunity to consider infrastructure upgrades and address
transportation issues through re-laning.
Re-laning Keith Road and eliminating one uphill lane could provide benefits
such as:
Lowering traffic speeds;
Reducing collision risk;
Reducing the number of conflict points at side streets;
Reducing pedestrian crossing distance where vehicles travel;
Providing additional buffer between sidewalk and vehicle lanes; and
Providing on-street bike facilities in both directions.
East Keith Road Proposed Lane Markings
OPEN HOUSE | April 25, 2012
Bicycle Master
Plan Endorsed
by Council
March 2011
Planning and analysis
underway for repaving and re-laning
East Keith Road
September 2011
New lane
configuration laid
out on road
June 2011
1st open house and survey
(57% favoured new laning
with bike lanes, 37%
favoured original laning)
July-August 2011
Detailed Design
July 2011
City of North
Vancouver Council
endorsed the new
laning with bike lanes.
District of North
Vancouver Council
was briefed.
East Keith Road Proposed Lane Markings
OPEN HOUSE | April 25, 2012
November 2011
Online survey
issued for public
input on preferred
October 2011
DNV determined the need
for further analysis of traffic
impacts. Original laning reinstated with temporary
road markings. Plan to
finalize laning in Spring
Today (April 25, 2012)
2nd open house to
present results of survey
and traffic analysis
March-April 2012
Traffic analysis
completed by
May-August 2012
Determine final
laning configuration
and implement
Survey Results
The survey was initiated in November 2011 and is still online. As of April 20, 2012, we
have received 267 responses.
Where do you live?
Would you be more likely to support the
new laning because of additional safety
benefits, such as reduced speed,
reduced collision risk, and fewer conflicts
with pedestrians?
How would you like to see travel
lanes configured on Keith Road
between Sutherland Avenue and
Brooksbank Avenue?
How would you describe yourself?
Not sure
If you are a cyclist, how likely would you use bicycle lanes
on East Keith Road?
Not a cyclist
Avid cyclist (3 or more trips
per week)
Not likely
Regular cyclist (1-2 trips per
Occasional cyclist (1-3 times
per month)
Regularly (at least once per
Occasionally (1-3 times per
Infrequent cyclist (few times
per year)
Potential cyclist (interested
but currently do not cycle)
East Keith Road Proposed Lane Markings
OPEN HOUSE | April 25, 2012
Infrequently (few times per
Examples of Comments
“By only having two lanes of traffic...it should make it easier for people to cross and also slow some of the speeding traffic
“There are not too many cyclists who would ride up the hill...a more practical bike route would involve the side roads to break
up the steep hills and use more gradual upgrades.”
“I would prefer to ride my bicycle (with my son in a bike trailer) to commute and would feel safer with a designated bicycle
“It is unsafe to have a long uphill stretch for cars without a option of going slower on the curb lane.”
“Going back to the old lanes would show a lack of foresight on the district’s part...it makes no sense that a 2km stretch is 3 lanes
but reverts to 2 east of Mountain Highway and West of Grand Boulevard...”
“When the temporary lane markings were in with the bike lanes, there was considerably more backup on streets that turned
onto Keith.”
“We live on Keith Road and have noticed that the 2-lane system has reduced eastbound speeding. Our neighbourhood is now
safer and quieter. Thank You!”
“They have already created bike routes on low level and 3rd St. hill...all for the accommodation of a handful of bicycles...”
“Bike lanes make riding safer and comfortable for cyclists. The change won’t happen overnight, but you will see a steady rise in
ridership if the number of dedicated bike lanes continues to increase. Do it!”
“Keep the laning the way it is so that emergency vehicles who frequently use this route can get through easily without having to
impede traffic...”
“I have cycled regularly up East Keith Road hill for 20 years...it’s a shame that selfish motorists have more sway with some
members of council than do the area residents that have to live with these speeding motorists...”
“Remove the parked cars and have both bike lanes and car capacity.”
“...It should be top priority of the council to enable infrastructure that encourages all residents to consider cycling and walking
as an alternative to driving...NOW is the time to be implementing the proper infrastructure to ensure safety and convenience
for active transportation...NOW is not the time to be regressing to the mentality of the previous century by encouraging drivers
to speed up that hill...”
“I think it is important to have 2 westbound lanes. To give up a whole lane for a bike lane is excessive. Because traffic is going
relatively slowly up the hill, it is not too risky for cyclists...”
East Keith Road Proposed Lane Markings
OPEN HOUSE | April 25, 2012
Examples of Comments
“The new Keith Road laning is a significant improvement that costs taxpayers nothing extra to implement, that dramatically
improves the road for cyclists and pedestrians and residents...”
“This is a major vehicle route with truck and bus travel, and frequent left turns...rarely saw any westbound cycle traffic...BAD
idea to change...”
“We are a retired couple who have recently started cycling for health reasons...we feel somewhat less agile than we used to
be, and we really appreciate amenities like (bicycle) lanes...which gives us more confidence...”
“1 lane going uphill is ridiculous, especially when you’re stuck behind a bus. I travel that road everyday and now it takes me so
much longer because of the single lane.”
“I urge the councillors who voted against the new Keith Road layout to reconsider and would like to remind them of the
following vision in the OCP: Our enviable pedestrian and cycling network connects us to our destinations and unparalleled
natural environment...please make this happen.”
“...If you put in only one westbound lane, the westbound traffic will back up even more, causing longer delays at the lights,
with drivers becoming more upset with bad road planning that bows down to a tiny special interest group... leave it the way it
is or you will have more cars sitting and idling creating smog so twelve bikes can ride up the hill in a single day.”
“Reduced car speed would be a significant benefit...it is difficult and dangerous to turn onto Keith from the side streets...it
would also be easier and safer for pedestrians to cross just 2 lanes on Keith instead of 3.”
“Bike lanes are pointless...bikes are but feel-good propaganda items...they really don’t do a damn thing except generate costly
road reconfigurations and get in the way of vehicles...”
“There are no safe bike routes between Grand Boulevard and the 2nd Narrows Bridge – this bike lane is an important part of
making the North Shore more bike focussed and bike friendly.”
“I strongly believe that adding bicycle lanes would not only make the traffic problem in Keith greater than it is during rush
hour, but also it will not get used enough.
“My house is on Keith Road...have been a witness to too many collisions and near collisions, including people almost getting
hit crossing...having one lane eastbound will slow the racing cars up Keith Road...”
“A single lane of traffic would reduce speeds...most go 60-80, and many go faster...I’m in favour of the bike lanes mainly to
slow down traffic, but I would use the bike lane too.”
“...I once got hit by a car while cycling uphill (westbound) in 2005. It is certainly much safer to establish the new laning...”
“The two lanes up the hill often results in speeding by one vehicle overtaking another – accommodating this type of traffic
activity is dangerous and it would be curtailed by a single uphill lane similar to 3rd Street.”
East Keith Road Proposed Lane Markings
OPEN HOUSE | April 25, 2012
Area Bike Routes
East Keith Road identified for bike
improvements in the Bicycle Master Plan
During consultation processes in 2011 for
the Bicycle Master Plan update, East Keith
Road was identified several times as a
desirable direct east-west cycling route
connecting destinations in Central Lonsdale
and Lynn Valley with Lower Lynn, Seymour
and Second Narrow Bridge.
Even with the steep grade (8.5 percent),
having dedicated cycling facilities along this
corridor is desirable to improve safety and
comfort for cyclists.
This route is an important mid-level eastwest cycling connection, there are no
nearby alternate routes.
Project Area
East Keith Road Proposed Lane Markings
OPEN HOUSE | April 25, 2012
Potential Traffic Diversion During the
Low Level Road Construction Project
Estimated Traffic Diversion
based on Modelling
If the Low Level Road is closed
in one direction:
55-60% divert to 3rd Street
30-40% divert to East Keith
5-15% divert using other
Low Level Road
Port Metro Vancouver is working with the City of North Vancouver to plan the proposed Low Level Road Project. The project is being designed to:
Enhance port and rail operations as international trade continues to grow
Significantly reduce rail noise in local communities
Improve safety and reduce congestion for all traffic along the Low Level Road
Reduce landslide risk by stabilizing the existing Moodyville bluff
Help complete the Spirit Trail, improving recreation and community connections
During construction, the Low Level Road bike route may be closed and some of the traffic may be diverted to other streets.
East Keith Road Proposed Lane Markings
OPEN HOUSE | April 25, 2012
Original vs. New Laning
New Laning with
Bike Lanes
East Keith Road Proposed Lane Markings
OPEN HOUSE | April 25, 2012
Traffic Analysis Results
Original Laning
New Laning with Bike Lanes
Cycling Facilities
Westbound: 2
Eastbound: 1
Transit Stops
Westbound: 1
Eastbound: 1
Westbound: bike lane
Eastbound: shared bike lane
Parking Lanes
Westbound: none
Eastbound: 1
Average Number of Collisions, 2006-2010:
15 per year
Vehicle Travel Lanes
Road Safety Analysis
Cycling Safety Analysis
Not actively used by cyclists
Pedestrian Safety Analysis
% of Total Collisions, 2006-2010: 3%
Westbound: none
Eastbound: 1
Potential decrease in rear-end, sideswipe, and parking related
Reduced number of conflict points at side streets
Reduction of approximately 20 percent in westbound collisions
predicted; no net change expected eastbound
Safer cycling facilities provided in both directions
Accommodation for cyclists traveling up-hill
Network Travel Time (Model
Estimate) (hr)
Average Speeds
(AM Model Estimate)
Low Level Road Partial Closure Network Travel Time (Model
Estimate) (hr)
Low Level Road Partial Closure Speeds (AM Model Estimate)
AM Peak: 68.8
PM Peak: 91.3
Westbound: 48 km/h
Eastbound: 43 km/h
AM Peak: 104.7
PM Peak: 103.6
AM Peak: 69.1
PM Peak: 91.6
Westbound: 46 km/h
Eastbound: 44 km/h
AM Peak: 98.9
PM Peak: 105.7
Westbound: 47 km/h
Eastbound: 41 km/h
Westbound: 45 km/h
Eastbound: 41 km/h
East Keith Road Proposed Lane Markings
OPEN HOUSE | April 25, 2012
Potential safety improvement due to shorter pedestrian crossing
distance with vehicles
Bike lane acts as a buffer between sidewalk and vehicle lanes
Summary: Pros vs. Cons
New Laning
with Bike
New laning provides safe on-street bike facilities in both directions.
Speed Reduction
With the new laning, westbound traffic speeds are estimated to be slightly lower,
making it safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Eastbound speeds are expected to remain
the same or slightly higher due to wider lane.
Road Safety
With the new laning, a reduction of approximately 20 percent in westbound collisions is
predicted; no net change expected eastbound. The number of conflict points between
side street and main street traffic will be reduced.
Reduce Total
Network Travel
Cycling Safety
Pedestrian Safety
= better
X = worse
- = no significant change
East Keith Road Proposed Lane Markings
OPEN HOUSE | April 25, 2012
New laning is anticipated to provide pedestrian safety benefits. Adding bike lanes
provides an additional buffer between the sidewalk and vehicle lanes and provides a
shorter pedestrian crossing where vehicles travel.
With the new laning, travel times will be slightly higher for westbound traffic and
slightly lower for eastbound traffic.
Please provide us with your input by completing the online
survey at www.dnv.org
Next Steps
• Summarize public feedback and survey
• Determine final laning configuration
• Implement permanent lane markings
East Keith Road Proposed Lane Markings
OPEN HOUSE | April 25, 2012

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