Safe Racer - Baltimore Highlands Elementary

Safe Racer
Everything You Need to Know!
Safe Racer is………
• A two week curriculum unit
• For ALL third grade students, including
GT students
• The third grade component of the BCPS
County STEM Fair
Safe Racer is………
• An engineering competition for students
in 3rd grade
• Since its beginning the competition has
increased from 17 schools to 95
• This is an opportunity for our 3rd
graders to brainstorm and then build a
racer to compete against their
Design & Technology
Constructivist approach
Based on problem solving
Includes model building
Cooperative learning
Provides for creativity of all individuals
Safe Racer
Red Flags
Safe Racer is not………
• an optional unit
• for GT students only.
STEM Fair Teams…….
•Must meet the construction requirements
for a March 20th competition date
• Car
Design and Construction
– Use wheels and axles provided
– Must use recyclable materials
– Must have an open top
– Body =
• 4 inches or less in width
• 9 inches or less in length
• 12 ounces or less in weight
– Team logo clearly displayed
Design and Construction
• Safety Equipment
– May include seat belt, helmet, air bag, roll
– Eggbert’s face must not be covered and
must be able to “see the road”
– Eggbert must be able to be removed by
judges to examine for injury
Video Of Competition
• Crash Test
• Distance Test
• Test your car using the ramp multiple
– Did your egg stay in your car?
– Did your egg crack?
– Did your car go a long distance?
– Can you improve the distance your car
• Ramp will be 6 feet long and at a 30
degree angle
Safe Racer
Groups of 4 from all 4 classes.
Important Dates:
•On March 27th, 28th, and April 1st students will be
completing the construction of their Safe Racers in
• On April 4th, the Baltimore Highlands Elementary
competition will be held to determine a winning team
based on results from a distance and crash test!
Safe Racer
At the end of the Safe Racer Unit, there is a
school-based competition to determine the
school’s “safest” racer using results from a
crash test and a distance test.
Once the winning team has been determined,
the school may decide to send their winning
team to the STEM Fair, where students will
compete against other 3rd grade teams from all
over Baltimore County!
Safe Racer Dates
Competition Dates:
Saturday, May 10
9:30 AM
The STEM Fair
All student team members will receive a certificate
and a ribbon for their participation. All students
are encouraged to attend. However, sometimes
situations cause students to miss the exhibition.
The scores from the winners from each geographic
area will be compared to find the overall Grand
Prize winner. This will be announced at the STEM
Fair Awards Ceremony and the trophy will be
presented to the winning team.
Any questions please send a note in
with your student or email their
teachers or myself at :
[email protected]

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