Peacebuilding activities b/w NGOs from Transnistria and Moldova

This presentation is done by IRC Common Home for
Donor forum in Tiraspol May 23, 2013
Opinion and information in this presentation does not necessarily express the official
view of IRC Common Home and staff members, is done for demonstration purpose
of event organized by OSCE in Tiraspol.
Topic for Discussion: Peacebuilding by Transnistrian NGOs.
Example of IRC Common Home.
Spoke person: Dmitri Gavrilov, expert on Moldovan-Transnistrian NGO relations,
founder of NGO IRC Common Home, Tiraspol.
In this presentation not all NGOs are included because:
- non every NGO was willing to share information for this topic
- small Num. of NGO are dealing with peacebuilding activities on both sides of Dniester.
Peacebuilding activities b/w
NGOs from Transnistria and Moldova
Overview of Current cooperation between TN and
MD non-government organizations
• All big NGO’s has been created in 90’s and just a few this century.
• New NGO’s experience a HUGE competition with “old and strong” who do
not like to share their profits and connections with Donors.
• At the moment there are almost no ongoing constant activities among
NGO’s from Right and Left side except to for formal cooperation ordered
by some donors.
• Moldovan NGO’s have lots of prejudices about professionalism of
Transnistrian NGO’s.
Active cross-border events since 90s..
(sorry something might be missed on the list)
From Moldova to Transnistria
- Center CONTACT – till 2010 with “old”
Transnistrian NGOs
- CREDO – till 2010 with grass-root leven
NGOs and “old”
- IDIS Viitorul – till now with IRC Common
- APE – Transnistrian dialogues with “old” and
strong NGO’s only.
- OSCE – Model OSCE 2013
- Embassy of UK (summer/winter schools),
Germany (Film fest), USA(grants till 2010,
curently film fests).
- UN agencies – close cooperation only with
“old” NGO’s and local authorities.
From Transnistria to Moldova
- World Window – active till mid 2000
- Mediator – only personal Expertise – now
- New Age – only personal Expertise – now
- IRC Common Home – organizing pressconferences in Chisinau and Tiraspol, actively
working with Chisinau, Belti, Comrat and Cahul
NGO’s; have strong partnership agreements; well
known among donor community and Moldavian
NGO sector in general.
Good practices across Dniester in
Peacebuilding and reconciliation area.
• Transnistrian youth invited to participate in
Summer / Winter schools organized on Right
side of Dniester.
• Representatives of TN NGO’s participate in
events taking place in Chisinau regularly.
Prejudice from local administration about peacebuilding activities done by TN NGOs.
Area is very much politicizes. Peacebulding is viewed by Donors and TN leadership
artificially as political act not as civic engagement.
Small Number of continued cooperation activities between NGOs from both sides of
Confidence building measures (UNDP) ask to have cross-border partners but do not
stimulate creation of this partnerships.
Non existing list of NGOs active in peacebuilding domain.
No interest (from Donors) in innovative projects involving direct work with ordinary
people on both sides.
Technical issues with Bank transactions. NGOs make 2bl registration then face problems
with TN authorities.
Active wiliness of NGOs to cooperate before submission of Application for funding's and
silence after the Deadline.
Ignorance towards local reality in TN by donor organizations and partner NGOs from
NGOs driven by Donors priorities
Big Transnistrian NGO’s do not have web sites and do not publish financial reports
online (Except for IRC Common Home).
Recommendations for Donors working
in Peacebuilding domain
• In Confidence building measures programs the MUST BE REAL
partnerships created with strong visible continuation in every funded
• Donors are advised to consider the Transnistrian reality and specific for
“young” NGO’s.
• May be there is no need to ask for innovation if the fear of facing
challenges is still strong. Better to specify the level of innovation allowed
before NGO submit application.
• Pay attention not only to “old and strong” NGOs but consider the potential
of “young” NGO’s.
• Check the background of “young” NGOs, make sure they are not “clones”
of “old and strong” NGOs.
• Visit funded NGO’s every 2 month, give advises and take care of problems.
• If project proposal is refused – explanation can be done properly not
Recommendations for Transnistrian NGO’s
active in Peacebuilding activities
• Make yourself visible to public and other NGO’s working in this
domain. The price for 15 min press-conference is 200 DML (coffeebreaks cost more and have less impact)
• Make results of your work visible not only for Donors but other
NGO’s, beneficiaries and local authorities.
• Build your own web site, page on Facebook, Vkontakte,
Odnoklassniki. Be Open for World.
• Request Donors to advise and share good practices
• Organize joint tours and activities out side of MD and TN for partner
• Involve Youth from both sides to avoid the image of unipolar
• Develop dialogue with Business sector
• Get access to 5+2 format to lobby interest of civil society
Thank you for Attention and time!
Ones more I would like to mention that IRC Common Home is NONpolitical, NON-partisan and NON-profit organization based in
Our target group is Youth and non-governmental organizations as
well as initiative groups on both sides of river Dniester.
The issue described above is targeting non-profit sector and does
NOT reflect/ interfere or duplicate the political activities in similar
IRC Common Home does not have its own office and organizes
activities in flat-based office in Tiraspol. We welcome all possible
Find IRC Common Home
• Information about ongoing projects, financial reports and
strategic plan can be found on our web site
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