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Math (Basic Skills through Calculus II)  Statistics  Biology  Chemistry 
Physics  Organic Chemistry  Anatomy & Physiology  Economics 
Accounting  Finance Spanish  Writing  Reading  ESOL 
Computers and Technology  Nursing & Allied Health
Online Tutoring-An Anytime/Anywhere Resource to Improve Critical Thinking
& Problem Solving
Barry Berman, PhD
November 8, 2012
What is Smarthinking
Smarthinking Student Walkthrough
What We Do
Smarthinking helps high schools, middle
schools, colleges and universities improve
student learning success (at the moment of
need) and retention through a network of
tutors available up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a
Up to
With Smarthinking you can:
 Connect with an expert educator for live tutoring and homework help.
 Submit your Writing to our Online Writing Lab for review and critique.
 Submit a Question and receive a reply the next day.
 Schedule a personal , one on one session with a tutor.
Potential SMARTHINKING Usage at Your Institution?
Help improve student class completion rates, grades, persistence rates, retention rates and reduce
dropout rates
Complement, supplement and augment the work of faculty tutors, peer tutors, volunteer tutors
and professional tutors by providing tutoring assistance to students:
– when on campus tutoring centers are closed or when tutors aren’t available.
(Smarthinking math Tutoring is offered 24/7 and most students use Smarthinking
from 10pm to 2am.)
– when not enough tutors are available.
– in subjects not covered by the tutors.
– who work and can’t make it to see tutors.
Help your institution be in compliance with the SACS requirement that services offered to students
taking online courses are comparable to services offered to on-campus students
Provide assistance to student athletes, particularly when they travel.
Provide support for students in your institution’s TRIO, Continuing Education, Dual Degree, Dual
Enrollment and Freshman Experience programs.
Help those students who are reluctant to use face-to-face faculty tutoring because they are
Provide assistance to students who span the spectrum from at-risk students to AP students.
Assist students studying for College entrance exams.
Provide support for faculty, particularly for those who assign essays
The Model
• Tutoring Works
• Tutoring from Trained Tutors Works
• Tutoring from Trained Tutors at the
Moment of Need Works Best
Sources: Maxwell, 1990; Boylan, Bonham & Bliss, 1995; Mandernach, 2005.
What Do Students Want?
24/7 service
Wait times less than 5 minutes
Turnaround times less than 24 hours
Archives of tutoring sessions
Technical Support
This Is What Smarthinking Does Not Do !!
“hi, i am taking college algebra right now. I need
your services. what i need to do is fax you a set of
21 questions. and i need for you to answer all the
questions within a 1 to 2 hour time limit. when
you have answered them i need you to fax the
answers back to me. i will pay you how much ever
it costs. but i will need them answered within the 1
to 2 hour time limit. can you help me and do this
for me? get to me asap. thanks.”
Expert Educators
Smarthinking Tutors will
– Engage students in discussion through Socratic dialogue.
– Engage students in discussion and problem-solving
– Encourage students with constructive criticism.
– Help students see areas where their work can be improved.
Smarthinking Tutors will not
– Complete assignments for students.
– Provide the students answers.
– Re-write student papers.
Available Subjects
• Essay Critique
• Grammar & Mechanics
• Pre-Writing
• Documentation (APA, MLA)
• Research Strategies
• Reading Comprehension
• Vocabulary
• Pronunciation
Basic Math
Liberal Arts Math
• Trigonometry
• Math for Spanish Speakers
• Single-Variable Calculus • Math Beyond Calculus II
• Statistics
• Advanced Statistics
• Biology
• General Chemistry
• Organic Chemistry
• Physics
• Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
• Accounting
• Economics
• Introductory Finance
• Statistics
Available Subjects
computers & technology
• MS Word 2010
• MS Excel 2010
• MS PowerPoint 2010
• MS Access 2010
• Windows 7
English for speakers of other languages (ESOL)
• Essay Center
• Math in English/Spanish
• Spanish Essay Center
• Grammar Questions
nursing & allied health
Medical-Surgical Nursing
Nursing Care Plans
Anatomy & Physiology
Medical Assisting
Medical Terminology
Mental Health &
Psychiatric Nursing
• Essays
• Nursing Administration
Education Management Team – All Educators !!
Christa Ehmann Powers, Ph.D.
– Senior Vice President and Chief Education Officer
Kirk Benningfield, Ph.D.
– Vice President, Education Operations
Allyson Fetterhoff, Ph.D.
– Executive Director, Writing & Humanities
Andrea Kilkenny, M.A.
– Director, Writing
Julie Radachy, M.Ed.
– Academic Coordinator, Writing
Linda Bush, Ph.D.
– Director, Mathematics & Science
Kendra Douglas, Ph.D.
– Associate Coordinator, Spanish
Michael Wilson, M.A.
– Efficiency Specialist, Writing
Brenda Douglas, M.B.A.
– Associate Coordinator, Accounting & Finance
Randy Russell, Ph.D.
– Associate Coordinator, Economics
Amy Stuber, Ph.D.
– Academic Coordinator, Writing
Denise Woodson, M.A., M.T.
– Associate Coordinator, Health Professions & Nursing
Karen Vos, B.A.
– Administrative Coordinator, Writing
Who are Smarthinking’s Tutors?
QUALIFIED – Over 1,600 tutors. Over 90% have a Masters or a PhD degree in their
given or related field; average tutoring and/or instructional experience is 9.2 years.
Tutors are Smarthinking employees ensuring quality control. Only 10% of applicants
are hired.
VERIFIED – Screened by Smarthinking’s in-house Education Team
TRAINED – 4 module online training program (12-15 hours) plus “practicum”
MONITORED – All interactions with students are saved. Our in-house Education Team
evaluates performance and provides professional development.
BACKGROUND CHECKS - We now do basic, criminal background checks on all ST
tutors. Conducted by Kroll, the background check is a Federal Criminal National
Records Search. (no finger prints, no state or county level search)
Fall Schedule – 2011 – Access Is The Key
Live Tutoring Hours
Math (Basic Skills – Calculus II)
Bilingual Math
Sunday through Thursday noon to 2 AM ET
Friday and Saturday noon to 6 PM ET
Chemistry, Physics, and Writing
Sunday through Thursday 9 AM to 2 AM ET
Friday and Saturday noon to 6PM ET
Accounting, Statistics
Sunday through Thursday 12 PM to 2 AM ET
Friday and Saturday 12 PM to 6 PM ET
Sunday through Thursday 3 PM to 1 AM ET
Friday and Saturday 12 PM to 6 PM ET
Biology, Intro to Human A&P, Finance, and Organic Chemistry
Sunday through Thursday 9 PM to 1 AM ET
Sunday through Thursday 9 PM to 11 PM ET
Nursing and Allied Health
Sunday through Thursday 8 PM to 12 AM ET
Online Writing Lab Essay Submission: 24/7
Submit a Question (all subjects): 24/7
Schedule a Personal Session: 24/7
Exceptional Service Levels 2011/2012
• 91% of students would recommend Smarthinking
to a friend
• Average wait time for on-demand tutoring: < 2 min.
• Average essay return time: 19.6 hours
• Over 4 million tutoring sessions to date
• Implemented in in over 1,0000 institutions
• More than 2.5 million essay reviews
• 70% of live sessions occur after 5pm and before 8am
(e.g. outside of traditional business hours)
Spring 2012
• Whiteboard Exit Survey Results
Since 2005, survey response rate has been 38%
Ratings on a 1-5 scale, 5 is highly recommended
88% favorable tutor rating (Ave. 4.2)
87% favorable technology rating (Ave. 4.1)
91% would recommend ST to a friend (Yes/No
answer choice)
• Ratings are holding steady semester over
Independent Research
Research Based
Research Proven
Study: Broward College, Florida
Pass Rate Comparisons Students Using Smarthinking vs. All Other Students
All Other Students
% Increase in Pass
Elementary Algebra
Intermediate Algebra
College Algebra
College Trigonometry
Introduction to Statistics
Composition I
Composition II
Developmental Writing
Study: Kapiolani Community College, HI
Average Grades: Spring 2003 – Spring 2005
Average Grade
English 22 - Others
English 22 – With Smarthinking
Success Rates Spring 2003 – Spring 2005
Grade Distribution
English 22 – Others
English 22 – With Smarthinking
Note: English 22 – Others include students who did not use Smarthinking initially, but then used face-to-face tutoring at the CC
Tutoring Center
The Journal of Applied Research in the Community College, Fall, 2007
Study: Volunteer State Community College, TN
Volunteer State Community College is one of 13 community colleges in the State of
Tennessee, serving 9,000 students.
Vol State has a diverse student population, with a significant number of first-generation
college students.
Over 50% of incoming students are tested into Learning Support courses in math, writing
and reading.
With new state rules basing funding on student outcomes, Vol State recognized that rapid
improvement in student success was needed.
RESULTS: Students Using Smarthinking’s Online Writing Lab were 8 times More Likely to
Successfully Complete Their Course
USER SATISFACTION: 94% of students said Smarthinking was “very easy” or “easy” to
use and 88% said it was helpful. Seventy percent (70%) of faculty respondents found
Smarthinking “very useful” or “useful.”
Study: Antelope Valley College, CA
• AVC is a 2-year college in Lancaster, CA
• Study – Online Writing Lab (OWL)
• 2 Cohort Groups to Compare performance in Eng
095, Eng 097, Eng099, and Eng101
• Over 95% of incoming students are placed in a Basic
Skills course.
• Study measured % of students who passed the
aforementioned English classes
• Research Lead: Aaron Voelcker
Non-Smarthinking Users
Smarthinking Users
Summer 2009
Fall 2009
Study: Florida College System
• Commissioned by the Evaluation Unit of the Division of Florida Colleges
• Examined the use and impact of Smarthinking’s online tutoring services
throughout the System. (Note that 27 of 28 Florida State Colleges use
• Study showed that among students who are taking either developmental
education courses or first college-level courses in math or English, those using
Smarthinking’s services received higher grades.
• Study showed that scores of study participants and non-participants on the
College Preparatory Test, a pre-assessment required of all incoming
students, were similar, proving that the higher grades of Smarthinking
students do not appear to be a result of self-selection.
• Almost 76,000 Smarthinking tutoring sessions provided to 21,400 Florida
students from July 2009–July 2010.
Source: Florida College System, “A Review of the Use of Smarthinking Tutorial Products in the Florida College System,” 2011
Study: Northwest Florida State College
• NWFSC is a 4-year college in Niceville, FL with 7,556 students
• Study - 2 High Enrollment Courses in which students
experience difficulty: Composition I (ENC 1101) and
Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1033A)
• Study performed during the 2007-2008 academic year
• Research Lead: Iris Strunc, Coordinator of Educational Support
• Conclusion: Cost of Service has proven worthwhile in assisting
Students Using ST Tutoring
Students Not Using ST Tutoring
Number of
Earning A, B or C
Number of
ENC 1101
MAT 1033A
Difference in
Earning A, B or C Percentage Points
Study: Open Universities Australia
• Assumption: Using SMARTHINKING increases
success rates, course completions, and
• Study Profile
– Stage 1: 1,312 students in 3 courses used the
Smarthinking Online Writing Lab (OWL) over a 3
month period (Fall 2007)
– Students submitted essays for individualized
critique and review.
Study: Open Universities Australia
— 80% of students using SMARTHINKING passed
— 34% of non-users passed
— Students who used Smarthinking were students of limited academic
— “SMARTHINKING users are more likely to re-enroll than non-users”
 ST users re-enrolled at rate of 54%
 Non-user re-enrolled at the rate of 43%
 Depending on the group studied, retention rates increased from 10%
to 17.4%
— 93% of students were satisfied or highly satisfied with the OWL
Study: Old Dominion University, VA
Outcomes in Pre-Calculus Fall - 2008
Out of 900 students who had math needs prior to taking
calculus, 188 students used some type of intervention: F2F
peer tutoring, group tutoring, ST
Student Pass Rates:
With Intervention = 60.1%
With No-Intervention = 49.2%
Pass Rates by Intervention Type:
F2F Tutoring = 59.3%
Group Tutoring = 61.5%
Smarthinking Tutoring = 67.7%
These statistics are impressive since the University had many
years of previous experience with F2F and Group Tutoring,
but had less than one year of experience using Smarthinking.
STUDY: The Chronicle of Higher Education
July 18, 2011
Community-College Students Perform Worse Online Than Face to Face
By Ryan Brown
Community-college students enrolled in online courses fail and drop out more often than those whose
coursework is classroom-based, according to a new study released by the Community College Research
Center at the Teachers College at Columbia University.
The study, which followed the enrollment history of 51,000 community-college students in Washington
State between 2004 and 2009, found an eight percentage-point gap in completion rates between
traditional and online courses. Although students who enrolled in online courses tended to have stronger
academic preparation and come from higher income brackets than the community-college population on
the whole, researchers found that students who took online classes early in their college careers were
more likely to drop out than those who took only face-to-face courses. Among students who took any
courses online, those with the most Web-based credits were the least likely to graduate or transfer to a
four-year institution.
The report suggests several ways to improve online courses, including increased technological support
for students and more extensive training in online-teaching methods for faculty. The research was backed
by the Lumina Foundation for Education and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Schools in Georgia That Use Smarthinking
Altamaha Technical College
Atlanta Technical College
Atlanta Metropolitan College
Georgia Virtual Technical College
Central Georgia Technical College
Southeastern Technical College
Ogeechee Technical College
Okefenokee Technical College
Southwest Georgia Technical College
Savannah Technical College
Gwinnett Technical College
University of West Georgia – eCore
University of West Georgia
Georgia College and State University
Georgia Gwinnett College
Georgia Perimeter College
Savannah State University
Piedmont College
Partial List of K-12 School Districts in the United States That Use Smarthinking
Capitan High School
Dexter High School
Goddard High School
Hagerman High School
Hondo High School
Lake Arthur High School
Loving High School
Mescalero/Apache School
Roswell High School
University High School
Roswell High School Tutoring Program
Mississippi Gear Up Program
State of Florida
Halstrom High School
Mt. Pleasant Area School District, PA
Milliard Public Schools
Insight Schools – Washington and Wisconsin
Nash/Rocky Mount Public Schools, NC
Washoe County Schools, NV
Anson County Schools, NC
Osceola County Schools, FL
A Small Sampling of the over 1,000 Schools That Use Smarthinking
University of Alaska - Anchorage
Troy University, AL
Open Universities, Australia
University of California - Davis
University of Georgia eCore
George Washington University, DC
Gallaudet University, DC
University of The District of
Florida Institute of Technology
University of Northern Iowa
Moorhead State University. KY
Louisiana State University
McNeese State University, LA
University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Fayetteville State University, NC
Pfeiffer University, NC
Union University, TN
Tuskegee University, AL
Boston University
TriCounty University, MA
MNSU - Minnesota State Colleges
Elizabeth City State University, NC
Minot State University, ND
University of North Dakota
Thomas Edison State College, NJ
Eastern New Mexico University
University of New Mexico
Empire State College, NY
Ohio University
University of Cincinnati
Youngstown State University, OH
University of Tennessee Regents
Online Degree Program
Bethel University, TN
Tennessee State University, TN
The University of West Alabama
Duquesne University, PA
Middle Tennessee State University
Baylor University, TX
Sul Ross State University, TX
Texas State University
Texas Women's University
The University of Texas Medical
University of North Texas
University of Northern Virginia
Central Washington University
Glenville State College, WV
West Virginia State University
Old Dominion University, VA
Western Carolina University, NC
Appalachian State University, NC
The University of Alabama
The University of South Alabama
SMARTHINKING Provides Substantive
Reports to Help Schools Monitor Usage
Usage Report
Usage Summary
Registered Students
Usage by Student
What Is Desirable About Smarthinking?
• Institution can purchase by the hour, by the FTE student or
attached to a purchase of Pearson products
• Institution only pays for services at the times they are used
• Some students prefer the anonymity of SMARTHINKING
• Clients report that their face-to-face tutoring has increased
after they implement Smarthinking
• Institution can choose student usage limits, subjects available,
and logo and colors
• Single Sign-on Access through Angel, Bb, WebCT, Moodle and
other LMSs
• A Smarthinking Implementation Specialist will work directly
with you to set up service and train faculty and students
Thank You from Your Smarthinking Team
Barry L Berman, PhD
Sales Director
9635 Huntcliff Trace
Atlanta, GA 30350-2615
Office: 770-587-2082
Cell: 678-521-8622
E-mail: [email protected]
Danny Clark
Implementation Specialist
Cell: 727-424-0325
E-mail: [email protected]
David Cashwell
Vice President
6001 Silkwood Way
Raleigh, NC 27612
Office : (919) 803-4681
Cell: (919) 623-3328
E-mail: [email protected]
Live Demonstration
A Walkthrough of
Smarthinking from a
Student’s Perspective

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