Tennessee Electronic Library(TEL)

Tennessee Electronic Library(TEL)
Teacher Training with Julie Dunn
Johnson County High School
June 25, 2013
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TEL is administered by the
Tennessee State Library and
Tennessee READs program
◦ Fill out an application for a library card at the
Public Library
◦ Log in
◦ Choose a book to either read online or
◦ Read
TEL provides over 400,000 electronic
Scholarly journals
No password
Podcasts, videos
Reference e-books
Test preparation
Historic federal census records
Tennessee primary source materials
Structure of TEL
Because the Tennessee Electronic Library houses so many items, it is
organized to the benefit of different ages and needs. The ability to choose
the correct database(s) in order to find the best information comes from
teachers teaching research techniques.
For example, go back to what you learned in elementary school.
What type of book would you look in to find maps?
When you are planning
research for 3rd-9th graders,
you need to discover the
information that is available
first, and plan your
assignment around what is
I specifically remember
learning about Atlases in
school and the information
they contained.
TEL Databases
68 databases as of February 2013
It never gives
me the
information I
search for.
I’ve tried using TEL, but
I can’t find what I need.
I really don’t
get it at all.
Why can’t I
Teachers must become familiar
with the databases students will
be using in order to plan lessons
for Common Core that will be
meaningful and purposeful to
Homework Help
http://tntel.tnsos.org/ (Short cut – type in
Spring ‘13
Makes the font
larger and smaller
for those who
might need to
adjust the print.
Subject search is helpful when you give students
leeway on the research topic. These are
suggested topics although not a complete list.
Advanced Searching
Assignment: Find 5 peer reviewed articles from the
TEL database on research techniques for teens.
• Using the TEL, search for topic.
• Use the limiters.
• Try using different terms
It’s Elementary, my dear…
There are 5
databases housed
within the
Homework Help
Time for individual teacher practice…
If you can show students how to research using TEL, they
will use it.
Common Core standards are asking you to teach more in-depth
subject matter at higher levels.
Think of subject specific terms, and break it down
from there. Then, go to the Student Resources
center in TEL to see what is available in the database.
Learning Express
Added to TEL in
May 2008. Includes
over 700 online
courses and tests,
and 130 e-books
Learning Express Library
• Select the TEST PREP tab on the TEL
• Click on the LEARNINGEXPRESS icon
• Login to Learning Express NOTES:
Learning Express Library
Common Core Resources
World Book Encyclopedia
World Book Web has:
Encyclopedia articles
◦ up to date
◦ lots of pictures
Primary sources
Research tools
◦ citation builder
◦ timeline
Start at www.tntel.info
World of Animals
Kids Search
Kids Article
My Research
Citation Builder
Switching is easy!
Discover article
Visual Dictionary
World Book Explains Videos
Advanced Search Results
Advanced Article
E-Books Center
Spanish speakers
Lesson Planning
Standards based (Common Core)
Require a primary source citation and an image
Create an example for students
Teach students by using an example of what you want them to
Don’t assume just because they are in high school that they
know how to research.

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