Tennessee PTA Reflections 101

Tennessee PTA
Reflections 101
*Adapted from PTA Reflections 101 2013 Convention Ohio , National PTA Reflections Committee
2014 – 2015 Theme:
The world would be a better place if…
The inspiration was…
“Our world, because I care about it and
wanted to know other kids’ ideas on how
we could make it a better place.”
- Mercedes Messer
Puyallup, Washington
Participation in the arts…
All children deserve opportunities to
explore and be involved in the arts.
 Levels the playing field for underserved students.
 Develops the whole-child.
 Nurtures creativity and teamwork.
 Connects family, schools, and communities.
Today you will learn about…
1. PTA Reflections®
2. Program Planning and Organizing Your Team
3. Promoting Reflections
4. Program Rules and Eligibility
5. Reflections Program Structure
6. Preparing Your Entries For The State Level
8. Wrapping Up
About PTA Reflections®
Since 1969, the Reflections program has
allowed millions of students
to explore their artistic talents in an
educational way.
“The cultural arts are happiness. Happiness is
drawing, dancing, finger painting. Happiness is
modeling with clay, making music or a poem,
performing a play.”
-Mary Lou Anderson, founder of National PTA’s
Reflections Program
Additional Opportunities
Tennessee PTA Arts Enhancement Grants
• Applications Available at www.tnpta.org
• Applications Due to the State Office March 1, 2015
(this was made available through a grant from Wal-Mart)
Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement Grants
• Applications Available January 5, 2015 at
• Applications Due March 13, 2015
Chapter 2
Program Planning
Organizing Your Team
Roles and Responsibilities
 Create a committee
 Establish a timeline
 Communicate with other PTA leaders
 Represent your Local PTA at statewide
arts-related events
Recruiting Volunteers
• Announce planning
meetings, ask school leaders
to make recommendations,
extend personal invitations
• Utilize your student leaders
• Consider school staff
• Assign specific tasks to
volunteers without requiring
their attendance at planning
• Cultivate community arts
Recruiting Judges
Sources may include working arts
professionals or arts students in
local arts organizations, companies
and colleges.
• Newspaper Editors/Arts Reviewers
& Local TV News Producers
• College/university Professors,
Graduate Fellows, Undergraduate
• Never use a parent or teacher in
your school for judging
Chapter 3
Promoting Your Reflections Program
Tennessee PTA Reflections
We have National
PTA winners
every year.
Xin Ju
“Different Yet Connected”
Visual Arts / Middle School Division
Houston Middle School PTA
Germantown, TN
This art work was on display at the National PTA Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio 2013
Ideas for Promoting Reflections
Students & Families
Teachers & Administrators
Host assembly
Visit staff meetings
Provide morning
Link Reflections to
Plan awards ceremony
with school leaders
Hang posters and flyers
Serve as judges
Exhibit artwork
Post info on websites
Provide media coverage
Post a blog/newspaper
Post announcements on
bulletin boards
Use Facebook/Twitter
Appoint student leaders
Chapter 4
Program Rules and Eligibility
Understanding Program Rules
PTA Units can participate in one or more arts categories
•Dance Choreography
•Film Production
•Music Composition
•Visual Arts
•Special Artist (Division)
Students can participate in any or all arts categories
It is very important to understand General and Category Rules.
• General Participation Rules
• Arts Category Rules
• Student Eligibility and Entry Guidelines
This information can be found on the Tennessee PTA website – www.tnpta.org
Summary of Rules and Eligibility
• Students must be affiliated with a PTA/PTSA in good standing, as
determined by Tennessee PTA
• Students may submit entries in more than one arts category
• Artwork must be original and created for the purpose of this contest and
this year’s theme
• Only one student may create the work and be recognized as the award
recipient, but other students may appear in the artwork itself
• General participation, specific arts category and Special Artist Division rules
must be followed at all levels
Tennessee PTA/PTSA's
in Good Standing
To be in “Good Standing” with Tennessee PTA:
1. You must submit a current membership report,
along with general membership dues paid by
December 1, 2014
2. You must have current Bylaws, approved by
Tennessee PTA
3. You must show the date your PTA bonding/liability
insurance was paid, with check number.
Sample Student Entry Form
Chapter 5
Reflections Program Structure
Reflections Program Structure
1. Set your DEADLINE dates for turning in Reflection Entries. Check with your
Council for their deadline dates and set yours accordingly.
2. Collect your Reflection Entries, along with the original entry form and
participation form. Put forms inside a protective sleeves and attach to the
3. Sort your entries by category and have them ready for your judges.
4. When judging is complete, return your non-winning entries to the
5. Be sure to recognize your winners and your judges.
6. Now it is time to prepare entries to move to the next level of judging.
Registering your Local Unit/Council Online
1. Fill out the paper PTA Registration Form
2. Go to: www.pta.org/Reflections
3. Click on: National PTA Reflections Online Registration
(yellow box) “Register Now” Button
4. Follow directions as you go through the process to enter
information from your form.
5. A webinar for Online Registration may be found at:
Chapter 6
Preparing your Entries for the
State Level
Entries Submitted to the State
1. The DEADLINE for Tennessee PTA Reflection Entries is January 9, 2015
2. All entries sent to the Tennessee PTA State Office must include the original artwork
with the original student entry form.
3. You must also include the “Registration Form” (total number of students that
participated, in each category)
4. You must also include the “Local Unit/Council Inventory Form” for all entries sent
to the state level.
5. Each Local Unit and Council may send up to five (5) entries for each category,
including the “Special Artist” division. Accordingly, you should send NO more than
thirty-five (35) entries total. (Exception – when a local unit covers more than one
school, then follow guidance for each school as if a local unit.)
6. Please send original plus one copy of all Literature, Video Production, Dance and
Music Composition entries.
7. You must enter registrations using the online system, as well, and should enter
student entry information for all entries advancing to state.
Ship/Mail entries to:
Tennessee PTA State Office
1905 Acklen Ave.
Nashville, TN 37212
Wrapping It Up
1. Complete online registration and student entry form for
advancing artwork.
2. Verify that all paperwork is included before mailing entries to
the state level (Student Entry Form with the artwork,
Registration Form and Inventory Form for your unit/council).
3. The deadline for state entries is January 9, 2015.
4. Don’t forget to thank your judges!
5. Celebrate with your students for accomplishments.
6. Thank your principal, teachers and parent volunteers.
We are Always Here To Help You

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