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Legacy and Future Leadership:
BPW and Women Veterans
Women make history
Well-behaved women never make history.
BPW makes history happen and has been since
1919. Tennessee, your state, was the Perfect 36!
The world paid attention
Because we didn’t stay home.
Someone has to ask questions
Will Al Gore run for
president? Yes, he did.
Did the tornado sirens
work in Jackson in 1999?
No, some didn’t. Why
Equal Pay Day: Women want it
What do women
Not better
pantyhose and
What do women
REALLY want?
Better jobs, higher
salaries, great day
care, more
healthcare and jobs,
jobs, jobs!
BPW/TN works for women everywhere.
Kim McMillan asked questions
When she was in the state
legislature, she pointed out to the
governor that it was a shame they
had a House committee on daycare
legislation without a single woman
– or mother -- serving on it.
The governor appointed Kim
McMillan who served admirably.
Leadership means speaking
up. If you don’t, who will?
Would she have had that
opportunity to work for women
and their children if she had not
spoken up? Probably not.
The President asked for women’s help:
He received it
• In April 1920 25 women
organized the Jackson
Business and Professional
Women, meeting in the
Carnegie Library. Miss Alice
Drake called the meeting and
was elected president.
• From July 14-17, 1919 in St.
Louis, the National
Federation of Business and
Professional Women was
founded in St. Louis.
• On July 3, 1920, the
Tennessee Federation was
organized in Chattanooga,
with seven local
organizations represented.
Then in 1949…
The Elks were
getting ready for
their state
convention. But
so were the
members of the
Federation of
Business Women.
After the war,
the men came
home, and the
women were
expected to give
up their jobs.
In 1963, progress!
The establishment of
"Status of Women"
commissions in the U.S. in
1963 was due largely to
BPW efforts.
President John F. Kennedy
recognized BPW's leading
role in securing passage of
the Equal Pay Act by giving
BPW's National President
the first pen he used when
signing the Act into law.
He signed this act on June
10, 1963 in the Oval Office
of the White House,
Washington, D.C.
But we are still waiting.
We still keep misbehaving!
Meet Cmdr. Cathy Lovelace at BPW/TN
state convention June 13
Meet Navy Reserve Cmdr.
Cathy Lovelace, who has
served in Afghanistan and
Germany, a decorated combat
nurse, who will be speaking at
our BPW/TN state convention
June 13 in Jackson. Cathy
recovered from a broken jaw
after an attack by a Taliban
We will offer:
 Education tracks
 Business training sessions
 Mentoring
Scholarships for women
Kellum Everett, a Dean’s List
Scholar at Middle Tennessee
State University and president
of Women in Science and
Keesha Klinck won a scholarship as
well as a Jackson State Community
College student; she is now
attending University of Memphis.
BPW’s Legislative Platform
The Equal Rights Amendment, as authored by Alice Paul, shall stand first, foremost, and above all other
items which may appear on the platform of this Federation until equal, legal rights for women and men
become guaranteed in the United States Constitution, because all statutory law derives there from.
Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on
account of sex.
Alice Stokes Paul was an American suffragist and activist. Along with Lucy Burns and others, she led a
successful campaign for women's suffrage that resulted in the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to
the U.S. Constitution in 1920.
Economic Equity
Civil Rights Dependent Care Victim Rights Policy Items
The organization supports issues of importance, which promote the goals, objectives, and mission statement of
the Business and Professional Women of Tennessee, Inc. (BPW/TN). The placement of the Platform items in no
way indicates importance or priority of one item above another.
We share our
Speaking at the
Economic Council
on Women.
knowledge in
career fields at
University of
How you can become a leader
• Business training
• Lead your community’s
economic growth with
• Government contracts
• Board service
• Government service/politics
Ret. Navy Cmdr. Debbie
O’Bryant serves as our
BPW/TN state veterans
mentor chair
Career Plus
Salary negotiation
Dressing for
5. Social Media
6. Mentorship
7. Marketing Yourself
8. Resume Writing
9. Multigenerational
Lead with entrepreneurship
Is it true?
Can you become
a multimillion
dollar business
owner at home?
Yes, you can. It takes
knowledge, skill, talent
and belief in yourself.
If you are determined
and smart about the
way you do business,
you can do this.
HOUSTON–U.S. Army veteran Nicole Baldwin, 28, was 4
years old when she was severely burned. Her nurse
grandmother used home remedies to help Baldwin’s scars
to heal. In 2010, Baldwin launched BIOA Beauty Skincare –
Beauty Inside and Out, using her grandmother’s formulas.
BIAO Beauty Skincare line now has three products including,
a rejuvenating cleanser, a moisturizer and a facial mask
which she sells online at
More entrepreneurs
Pin-Ups for Vets: Women
veterans as pin-up models having
fashion shows for veterans, bake
sales, whatever is needed to help
a veteran. A nonprofit venture.
Kristine Guerrera creates power
bars for dogs who like to hike
with their families.
Women in Congress
• Currently two
female veterans ,
Reps. Tammy
Duckworth (DIll.) and Tulsi
Gabbard (DHawaii), are
members of the
Gabbard served as a
company commander with
the Hawaii Army National
Guard with whom she
deployed in 2004 as a
medical operations
specialist for a year-long
combat tour near Baghdad.
Duckworth lost both her legs in 2004 after being hit by a grenade while co-piloting a
Black Hawk helicopter in Iraq. She lobbied for better care of veterans as an assistant
secretary at the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Convention trip
Fun trip on Thursday,
June 12, 2014.
Discovery Park of
Union City.
Check our website
at for
details on all the fun!
We Can Do It!
BPW/TN Officers, 2013-2014. Come join us!

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