Windows 8.1 Deployment June Webinar

Mark O’Shea | MVP Windows Expert – IT Professional
Windows 8.1 Deployment And Migration Tools
Creating a Windows 8.1 Reference Image
Deploying Windows 8.1 with MDT
• New Machine (Bare metal)
• Refresh (Wipe-and-load)
• Replace (Side-by-side)
• Offline Media
• ImageX
• Lite Touch
• Windows ADK
• Zero Touch
• Windows PE
• Configuration Manager
• Command Line Tools
• Assessment Tools
• WinPE
• VAMT 6.3
Exploring Windows 8.1 ADK Deployment and Migration tools
Fix app source code
Preferred method
Native application
No performance penalty
Requires source code
Requires knowledge of how to make the application
Shim the app
Requires no changes to the app
Not all application compatibility issues can be fixed
with shims
Shims work primarily for issues like Windows
version checking, user permission requirements,
and DLL or registry redirection
Retire the app
Fewer apps in the inventory
Might replace capabilities with other apps in
End users might miss capabilities
Might need a replacement to fill the gap
Replace or upgrade the
Most recent version of app
Newer technologies and scenarios
New and improved capabilities
Upgrade might not be available
Will likely incur additional costs
End users might have a learning curve if changes
are significant
Exploring the Application Compatibility Toolkit
• Infrastructure enabler for OS Deployment
• PXE Support
• MultiCast Support
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
Lite Touch
• Fully automated deployment solution
• Requires no Management Infrastructure
• Client and Server support
Zero Touch
with ConfigMgr 2012 R2
• Fully integrated experience
• Client and Server support
• Extends and enhances ConfigMgr 2012 R2
Windows ADK 8.1 - Core deployment tools
• Identify, build and test master images:
• Create Automated Image Engineering task sequences
• Minimize the number of images created
• Produce consistent master images as required
• Easy and Fast
• Compatible / Flexible
• Delegation is easy
• More features
– Suspend
– CopyProfile
• Inconsistent and manual image creation processes cause issues
• Lack of automation to provide consistent and repeatable process
– Install the vanilla operating system (Windows 8.1)
– Customize the OS and install core applications
– Sysprep and capture the machine
MDT Initial Setup
Create New Deployment Share
Add Operating System (for master image)
Create and stock the
Deployment Share
Add Applications (for master image)
Add Packages (for master image)
Add Drivers (for Windows To Go if needed)
Task Sequence
Add Task Sequence to Build and Capture Master Image
Configure Master Image Settings
Configure Deployment Properties in CS.ini
Build Master Image and Capture
Build Reference Machine, Sysprep and Capture WIM
• Import the master image(s) created in image engineering
• Create deployment task sequences using MDT
• Enable Dynamic Deployment (Rules)
• Deploy image and layer additional components/settings.
• This requires a dynamic deployment platform.
– Determine new or refresh
– Customize the deployment with dynamic settings and configuration
– Install additional applications dynamically
MDT 2013
Boot image , Task Sequence , OS Applications
Database Queries, scripts , dynamic changes
Initial Setup
Create New Deployment Task Sequence
Import Custom Images (from Image Engineering)
Support the Task Sequence
Add Applications (for deploy time)
Add Packages (for deploy time)
Add Drivers (for deploy time)
Task Sequence
Configure Dynamic Properties
Adjust the Deployment Task Sequence
Configure Properties in the MDT Deployment Database
Adjust CS.ini to query the MDT Deployment Database
Deploy Custom Image
Deploy Machines
• Challenges
– Multiple packaging methods
– New versions may drop support for old
– Badly-formed drivers (INFs)
• Boot Image Drivers
– Primarily Nic & Storage
– WinPE 5.0 uses Windows 8.1 drivers
• Operating System Drivers
– All drivers
• Deployment Share holds driver repository
• Designed to be dynamic
– Rules-based process to help filter
– Driver Groups and Selection Profiles
MDT Installing And Exploring The MDT
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