Innovative proposals and solutions

Innovative proposals and solutions
V-Con is an European co-funded project aiming for
development of open BIM/GIS/SE solutions in the
civil infrastructure sector with a focus on roads.
V-Con offers vendors the opportunity to develop
innovative proposals and solutions for use in the civil
infrastructure sector via the V-Con Pre-Commercial
Procurement (PCP) described on next page.
V-Con´s general aim
The V-Con project aims to improve the efficiency and
effectiveness of the National Road Authorities by
improving open data exchange in the civil
infrastructure sector, with a focus on road
construction and road asset management.
PCP Approach
PCP is a step by step approach for procuring the
development of innovative solutions via a challenge
set by public organizations. It concerns the Research
& Development phase before commercialization, so it
covers the process from an initial idea to a product or
service ready for commercialization. The PCP
procurement consists of a funnel of three phases:
challenge solution design, challenge prototype and
pre-production testing.
• public organizations formulate a challenge/
problem of which they are looking for an
innovative solution
• market parties are asked via a PCP tender
procedure to present their innovative ideas and a
plan for the development of it
• an evaluation commission assesses the bids and
decide which of the bids will pass to the next phase
• a number of bids will start the development, a few
bids will stay in the competition at the last phase
• V-Con provides (part of) the funding.
Industry Day
We will organize an “Industry Day” on October 9th
2014 in Amsterdam. The main purpose of this day is
to elaborate, explain and discuss together about the
V-Con PCP. If you are interested to participate, please
register on : [email protected]
The relevant documents about the V-Con PCP are
published on : from September
22th 2014.
Click here to go to V-Con website
V-Con Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP)
The V-Con consortium invites vendors to tender
for a solution that supports the Linked Data
approach and road information exchange and
sharing based on open standards.
The vendors will, in phase 1-3, have dialogue
sessions and meetings with the involved national
road authorities in order to enhance the
specifications and proposed V-Con Solutions.
The V-Con Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP)
aims at stimulating the market to come up with
innovative ideas and proposals for development
of pre-commercial products.
This V-Con PCP will continue until October 2016
when an end conference will take place with
presentations of the “winning solutions”. Other
participating vendors are also welcome to this
conference with presentations of their solutions
and ideas.
The National Road Authorities, who procures
operation and maintenance from different
contractors, have a wish for a modularized
solution that supports the Linked Data approach
and open information exchange and sharing
between different stakeholders during the
various life-cycle stages.
The solutions shall enable integration of various
tools and standards that are used throughout the
whole life cycle of the road infrastructure in a
vendor-neutral fashion. The tools and standards
may concern areas such as Building Information
Modelling (BIM), Geographical Information
System (GIS) and Systems Engineering (SE).
The V-Con PCP will use a phased approach with
competitive development in four phases. By
tendering in the first phase, phase 0, the
tenderer will in competition with others have the
possibility to receive co-funding in phase 1, 2 and
3. The maximum amount of financing; Phase 1 €175.000, Phase 2 - €400.000, Phase 3
After this PCP the intention of the V-Con
consortium is to arrange for regular public
procurements of commercial V-Con solutions.
The request for tender will be released
September 22th, 2014 and deadline for phase 0
will be November 7th, 2014. The request will be
found via the EU Tenders portal, TED, at
• Please contact: Hans de Milde at
[email protected]

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