Future Assessment of VRU Safety Features

Future Assessment of
VRU Safety Features
Nicholas Clarke
Chief Executive Officer
July 2013
Australian Road Fatalities by Road User
Source: BITRE Australian Road Deaths Database
Passive safety tests
 64 km/h 40% frontal offset
 Current tests
 50 km/h MDB side impact
 New AE-MDB side impact?
(replaces MDB side impact)
 29 km/h side pole
 pedestrian
 whiplash
 roof crush (from 2014)
 New oblique side pole?
(replaces side pole)
 Full frontal?
 64 km/h 25% frontal offset test?
* Under consideration
Remove the dummy?
"90% of crashes in the US involve
some form of human error.
Automation is the key in
removing that human element.”
David Strickland - NHTSA Administrator (ESV 2013)
The Change
• Previously, passive safety test performance
differentiated the good from the bad.
• This differentiation point has shifted now to
active safety; Safety Assist Technology
SAT examples
Source: Scientific American Magazine 2008 with ANCAP overlay
Autonomous Emergency Braking
• Detects objects in path of vehicle
• Alerts driver to hazard
• Applies brakes (strongly) if beyond human intervention
Source: Thatcham Research Centre UK
Active safety tests
 Pass or Fail
 Meet Functional
 Autonomous Emergency Braking:
o Euro NCAP test protocols for City &
Interurban AEB completed.
o Performance tests from 2014 impact
speed reduction.
o Key elements tested:
− Autonomous braking
− Forward collision warning
− Human machine interface
o ANCAP will take Euro NCAP results
(developing some capacity in
o Leaves a void in ANCAP testing when
vehicles not tested by Euro NCAP.
* Under consideration
“A faster penetration of [AEB] technologies
into new cars will make it more realistic for
the European Union to reach its target to
cut road deaths by 50% by 2020.
Consequently, Euro NCAP has decided to
include AEB assessments as part of the
overall star rating from 2014 onwards and
hopes that European authorities will soon
require AEB as mandatory
on all new vehicle types.”
Michiel van Ratingen: Secretary-General Euro NCAP 2012
The Goal
Where do we need to be to achieve a 50%
reduction in deaths and injury by 2020?
• Taking ACTION to encourage & ensure swift uptake of
SAT, in particular Autonomous Emergency Braking.
• Taking ACTION to continue to raise the bar for vehicle
safety performance.
• Taking ACTION to publicise and reward those
manufacturers who introduce SAT.
• Taking ACTION to improve our responsiveness to
and uptake of vehicle safety initiatives from around the
Accept nothing less.

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