Entrepreneurship education
Solution Hub
- Talented students collaborating with industry on complex problems
• Working with diverse problems provided by a large industrial partner
• Working alongside students from multiple lines of study
• Voluntary interdisciplinary workshops to strengthen your project
More info at; www.solutionhub.dk
Entrepreneurship education
- Innovation and entrepreneurship workshop for all master students, working
cross disciplinarily on a major challenge
• Learn the basics from idea generation to business development in 4 days
• Work on interdisciplinary teams and get a better understanding of your own
and others competencies
• Compete for the best project and the chance to win cash prize
More info at: www.wofie.dk
Entrepreneurship education
Entrepreneurial Engineering
- First academic start-up education in Denmark
Business creation and business development competences are keys to the
global business arena of the future.
The ability to create and develop business is one of the key competences
in new companies, in large well-established private organisations, as well
as in small and medium-sized companies, and in the public sector’s
knowledge and service organisations.
Develops mind-set and skills that enable you to create and realize new
value for people and organizations
the opportunity to work on establishing your own business and thereby
graduate with your own company.
Entrepreneurship education
Progression model
Developing a progression model for the region on education in
entrepreneurship in partnership with all levels of the educational system
• Collaborating with schools, universities, municipalities, Danish Foundation
for Entrepreneurship and others in securing relevant models and content for
entreprenurship education.
Applied entrepreneurship
The Inkubator
Pre-incubation program focusing on building entrepreneurial competencies
Learn business development basics
Strengthen your business opportunity or get in touch with new opportunities
Work with start-up coaches
Meet other student entrepreneurs
Applied entrepreneurship
Incubation program focusing on building sustainable companies
Get paid in 40 weeks for developing your company
Participate with an innovative business case and the will to go all the way
Get professional advice and access to funding
Work with a dedicated start-up coach
Applied entrepreneurship
Accelerator house for students from all over the city
• If you have a business idea or a running business we will be able to provide
More indo: www.igangz.dk
Applied entrepreneurship
Business Booth
Open consultation for students and graduates on start-up and entrepreneurship
• Sparring with professional consultants and start-up coaches
• Every Wednesday from 13 – 16 at Brettevillesgade 14, 9000 Aalborg
Applied entrepreneurship
KickStart AAU
Student driven network for entrepreneurs in the student body at AAU and UCN
• Entrepreneurship events incl. StartUp Weekend
• Network with student entrepreneurs

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