American Income Life Classroom Training

Liberty National Life
Day Two Objectives
 Three Components of Success
 Rapport Building
 Complete Rapport Building Video Training
 Role Play Rapport Building
 Situational Presentation
 Basic Products Knowledge
Three Components of Success
and Tie
The Balance Between the Human Element
and Technology
 Clients buy products based on advertising messages, word of mouth,
reputation, etc.
 Clients buy LNL products because they like and trust the Agent. The
Laptop Sales Presentation is key to show professionalism and uncover
the client’s needs. But that’s only part of the sales process. The other
key is human interaction, which is represented in the rapport and close.
 When you break down the sales process, the amount of time spent on
each step is:
Rapport – 40%; Need – 30%; Presentation 20%; Close 10%
 Therefore, the balance between the technology and the human element
must be 50-50.
Balance between
Human Element &
Technology is 50/50
The Art of Establishing Rapport
 Consumers today are more professional and better
educated because they are bombarded with sales pitches
over the radio and TV.
 A professional agent can break through all of this resistance
by playing up to each customer as if that person is the first
and the last client he/she will ever sell to. Make that
customer want to do business with you.
People buy from Agents they Trust
 Customers may feel threatened by an Agent coming into
their home. Therefore, everything an Agent will do or say in
the home will either produce tension or trust.
 Don’t start closing from the moment you walk in the home.
This will build walls and not trust.
 Go slow, create trust, and then move into your
People buy from Agents they Respect
 Respect the customer’s time. Don’t spend more time than
you need to make a sale presentation.
 Respect the customer’s territory. You are a guest, so ask for
permission to move around the room or come closer to
show a brochure.
 Respect your customer’s intelligence by being up front.
Rapport Building: The Warm Up
 When you walk into a house, find a place where you can sit
comfortably and face the customers. Put your hands on the
table, relax, and establish rapport.
 People buy from you because they like you and they trust
you. They buy you first, then the Company, and the
products after. Find something in common with your
customers and go from there. Avoid politics and religion.
This should not last more than 15 minutes.
Objective 3: Laptop On Demand
 Watch the Laptop on Demand Rapport section
Objective 4: Role Play Rapport Building
 Follow your training manager’s instruction and role
play rapport building
Teams of two
One person is Agent, one is husband/wife
Clients are Nate/Julie, married, dual income, no children,
Globe Inquiry lead.
Spend 5 minutes just building rapport, then switch
Objective 5: Situation Presentation
 Watch a presentation done by your training
 Pay special attention to the rapport building
Objective 6: Basic Products
 Whole Life Insurance Final Expense Protection
 Once issued, rates and face amounts do not change for the life
of the policy
 Premiums are paid during the entire lifetime of the insured
 Policies earn Cash Value
 Policies have Paid Up Options
 Standard and Non Tobacco rates
Whole Life Program Types
 Freedom of Choice
 Used for Final Expenses
Funeral & cemetery costs
 Cremation
 Celebration of life services
 Head Start
 Provides whole life coverage on kids
Great for parents who can’t qualify or do not need any additional
Whole Life
 Great for grandparents to take out on their grandkids
Term Life
 20 year term
 Works same as the 10 yr R&C only covers for 20 years.
 Most commonly used for Income Protection or College
Education Expense Protection.
 Mortgage Protection: Decreasing 15 yr or 30 yr term
 Term coverage that decreases as the client’s mortgage
Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)
 Up to $200,000 in ADB coverage
 Pays only when an insured dies as a result of an
 Commonly used as Mortgage Protection or College
Education Protection when there is not enough
premium left to offer a DT15/30 or 20 yr term.

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