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A. R. Suriya & Co., Chartered Accountants
Abdul Rahim Suriya
• Is the Partner of A. R. Suriya & Co., Chartered
• has 29 years post qualification experience in the
field of Accounting, Auditing and Operational
• has served in national and international repute
organizations including a Spencer Pharma for 18
years on different positions including 5 years as
Executive Director. Apart from core finance function
,he was responsible for coordinating all marketing
and plant activities beside handling labor union
and administration
• is a Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan) and
the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan
• is a Certified Director from Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance
• He has been visiting faculty of NIPA ,SZABIST ,CBM ,GREENWICH and KSBL .
And at present he is visiting faculty of IBA and also performing as approved
Trainer for open house courses.
• served the Southern Regional Committee of ICAP from 1993 to 1996 and
elected as Chairman of the Committee for the year 1995-96.
• He was President of Rotary Club SITE in 1995
A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
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Abdul Rahim Suriya
• has served as the President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of
Pakistan in 2009- 10 , and a Council Member of the Institute of Chartered
Accounts of Pakistan for last 16 years
• represented Pakistan as a member International Accounting Education
Standard Board of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) for 6 years
(2002 to 2008)
• is a member on the board of South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA)
• is the Chairman of ICAP and ICMAP Best Corporate Report Award Committee,
and Chairman CPD Committee and also supervises ICAP’s Directors Training
Program approved by SECP
• served the Southern Regional Committee of ICAP from 1993 to 1996 and
elected as Chairman of the Committee for the year 1995-96.
• was President of Rotary Club SITE in 1995
A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
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Abdul Rahim Suriya has rich experience of conducting
variety of trainings and workshop for industrial and
corporate sectors. In house trainings are tailored in
accordance with the requirements of his clients. His
application-based style of training with case studies
enables his participants to immediately apply the
concepts learned to their organizations. His style of
delivery is interactive and collaborative.
He has presented papers on Corporate Reporting at
Directors Training Program of PICG,ICAP and ICMAP
He has successfully delivered high level value added courses for numerous
companies. He has conducted open- house workshops with IBA,ICMAP, NIPA,
TerraBiz ,ICAP and Employer Federation of Pakistan.
A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
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He has conducted more than
workshops for following companies.
A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
90 workshops
in - house
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• engaged in teaching and training assignments at IBA, and have
delivered lectures for NIPA
• conducted a session at Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance
on “ How to develop an annual report for listed companies ” and as
Trainer conducting sessions on Corporate Reporting for ICAP and
• Delivered lectures on “Effect of Fraud on Financial Statements” and
Misappropriation of Inventory” at NIPA
• Presented a paper at World accounting Summit in Dubai in March
2010 on the subject of “ Achieving transparency and fair accounting
through IFRS implementation. IFRS –means not an end”
• Served as the Chief Editor of ICAP’s magazine; ‘Pakistan Accountant’.
• Attended a 3-day workshop on Training for Trainers at DACCA in
September 2002, which was jointly organized by CAPA and ADB with
objective of Training Accounting Teachers at University level in under
developing Countries.
• Pakistan Institute of Corporate
Governance (PICG) Certified
• Completed
Governance Leadership Skills
course of PICG
• Author of a book – A guide to
Business Decision Making
A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
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Code of Corporate Governance and
other Directors’ training
Corporate Reporting
Finance for Non - Finance Executives
• Finance for HR Executives
• Finance for Marketing Executives
• Finance for Engineers and Technical Executives
Analysis of Financial Statements
Enhancing business decision making skill
through financial statements / annual reports /
management accounting techniques
Deceptive Accounting
A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
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High value trainings through expert
• Sustainability and its reporting
• Supply Chain
• Leadership skills / Business communication and other soft
• Business Leadership- Becoming Management Material
• The Art of Delegating
• Hiring smart- Behavioral Interview Techniques
• Excellent as a Team Leader
• Meeting management- The art of making works
• Motivation Training
• Negotiating for results
• Performance Management
• Stress Management
• The magic of selling
• Dress for success
• Light your creativity lamp
• HR for the non HR managers
• Developing a HR Business Strategy
A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
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A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
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A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
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A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
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- Voice of Participants
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Sirajuddin Aziz, President Bank Alfalha
“It was indeed a pleasure meeting you yesterday at the PICG Seminar. I was deeply
impressed by the quality of presentation and found it extremely lucid, informative and
educative. I would like to emphasis that I am writing this note not just for above stated
reasons, but for one particular aspect of your personality that impressed me most and
has kept me thinking since then! It is off springs like yourself whose parents will always
be proud of! I was touched, moved and most impressed that you started the session by
invoking the Mercifulness of Allah Subhanah-wa-taala and then coupled it by sending
blessings to your parents. I join you in praying to Almighty to keep them (parents) under
His choicest blessings.”
Arshad uddin Ahmed FCA, CFO Engro Polymer
“Your session was very effective. As a matter of fact the idea was to let the people know
as to what makes an Annual Report a good Annual Report. Accountants or no
Accountants, the audience consisted of people who are already directors/ company
secretaries in their respective companies or would be holding such positions in future.”
Claudia Dar, CA - Germany, Head of Controlling Metro Cash & Carry Pakistan Pvt Ltd
“In my function as head of controlling I have to share financial information on a daily
base with the board of directors and my colleagues from e.g. operations, marketing or
offer management. These colleagues have no financial background, but still need to
understand what the information tries to tell them. In this regard the workshop of Mr.
Abdul Rahim “Finance for Non-Finance Executives was very helpful to me and gave me
certain ideas how to explain financial information in an easy way to the Non-Finance
Managers of our company. I can recommend this training for all employees, who have to
deal with financial information and do not feel comfortable to analyze, interpret and use
the same for their business decision.”
Aftab F. Tapal, Chief Executive Officer - Tapal Tea (Pvt) Ltd.
I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the workshop was outstanding
and it was indeed as much a pleasure for me to meet you and have the opportunity to
participate in your workshop, definitely we will meet again. “
A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
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- Voice of Participants
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Faisal Iqbal , General Manager Sales and Supply Chain - Thal Engineering
“This course unrevealed the mysteries of the financial statements and comprehends the
innovativeness of the creative accounting. Above all it made me read an annual report
analytically and gave me awareness of what to look for, where to look for, and what the
various terms mean. In short, I am now able to finally read between and beyond the
Anita Mirza, DGM Marketing Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited
“Concepts besides best part was you conducted in such an easy way took away my fear
of numbers. Thanx again for a wonderful time.”
Deputy Director Manufacturing - Rafhan Maize Products Co. Ltd.
“It was one of the best courses attended by me during my 29 years professional career.
Employers’ federation is requested to offer similar practical oriented courses on other
topics. “
IBA - Finance for Marketing and Sales people
• “Overall it was an excellent workshop. I have not been exposed to accounting
concepts and this course will really help me to enhance me on job knowledge.”
• “Mr. Suriya is a good trainer having excellent knowledge the subject and is also a
friendly/frank personality. I like him and his way.”
• “Mr. Suriya is a very knowledgeable person and a good instructor would prefer to
attend his classes in future as well.”
Kaleem Ahmad , Manager Legal & Company Secretary - Engro Fertilizer Ltd.
“The pleasure of making your acquaintance was all mine. It was a good learning
experience, greatly enhanced by your clarity and effectiveness in breaking down and
explaining concepts.”
Shakeel Mapara , Head of HR, Sanofi Aventis
“You are not just a good leader but also a good trainer! I am glad you are transferring
your practical experience of using accounting for business decision making.”
A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
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- Voice of Participants
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Lt Cdr Ali Ahmad, PN, Instructor Weapon Engineering School PNS Karsaz
“Thanks a lot for teaching us so passionately and keeping us energetic through sharing
practical also through your wits and jokes.”
Dinar Rudani, Head of Careers & Scholarship - Aga khan Education Service, Pakistan
“The participants took great interest and were engrossed in your informative and
enlightening presentation. We are sure that the knowledge and information shared by
you will help the participants in making an appropriate decision for their career. We
have received very encouraging feedback from the students based on the evaluation.“
Rabail Shaukat, HR – CBM
“Your presentation was lively, informative, entertaining and on target with audience
interests and needs. We were mesmerized by your stories of personal experiences and
knowledge. Being a BS accounting & finance student at IoBM, I already had in-depth
knowledge of the contents of the course but the workshop was a great refresher coupled
with practicality of the concepts in the corporate world. I really appreciate the energy
you brought to the teaching environment.”
Javeria Aslam, Manager Training & Development - SGS Lahore
“ It was a fruitful presentation and very helpful for our job accordingly.“
Mr. Hashmat, Director Khyber Bank
“Really I loved your presentation.”
Ali Agha, Diretor ICI
“It was a pleasure to meet you and your presentation was excellent. “
A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
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- Voice of Participants
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Naim Anwar ,CEO Crescent Star Insurance Ltd, Directors Training Program by ICMAP on
Corporate Reporting May 17,2013 :: ---session that you conducted so well. The session
and your guidance was very appreciable and well respected.
Latest on July 8-9,2013 at DESCON Lahore-Nazima Tariq-Human Capital Management
On behalf of DIPL management and employees, we would like to present
our gratitude for facilitating the "Finance for non-financial manager"
training module for our employees. According to the feedback of
participants and observers, we are pleased to inform you that the sessions
added to the professional knowledge base of our employees and we are
sure that this would add significant value in meeting overall company
It was a pleasure to reap fruits from your broad knowledge on the subject.
Your compassionate mode of delivery and thorough elaboration of the
training contents is much appreciated. We hope that this was just the
beginning of a long-lasting mutually beneficial professional relationship.
Abdur Rehman (Engineer Instrumentation): “His warm and approachable personality has largely
helped us to understand somewhat alien concepts of Finance and Accounting. His knowledge and
experience in real life scenario is beyond what we could comprehend.”
Nida Mumtaz (BD Engineer): “Trainer is well prepared and knowledgeable.”
Tariq Hussain (Head Electrical DIPL): “Trainer is well qualified and strong in interaction. Case
studies were mostly focused with practical examples of companies which clear the concepts.”
A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
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A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
302, 3rd Floor, 66-C
21st Commercial Street
DHA Phase 2 Extension
Telephone No.:
+92 21 34255760
Cell: +92 (322) 220 2789
[email protected]
A. R. Suriya & Co.
Chartered Accountants
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