DOT/Legislative Update - Western Regional Gas Conference

Change in
for PA-11
From .32 to .40
API 5L and 1104
ANSI/API Specification 5L/ISO 3183
“Specification for Line Pipe” (43rd edition
and errata, 2004, and 44th edition, 2007).
API 1104 “Welding of Pipelines and Related
Facilities” (19th edition 1999, including
errata October 31, 2001; and 20th edition
2007, including errata 2008).
Control Room Management
Addresses human factors and other aspects
of control room management for pipelines
where controllers use supervisory control
and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.
Distribution IMP
Requires operators of gas distribution
pipelines to develop and implement integrity
management (IM) programs.
The purpose of these programs is to
enhance safety by identifying and reducing
pipeline integrity risks
Update Incorporated by
Incorporates by reference all or parts of 40
new editions of voluntary consensus
technical standards.
This action allows pipeline operators to use
current technologies, improved materials,
and updated industry and management
Advisory Bulletins
ADB-07-01 (02)
To: Owners and Operators of Natural Gas
Pipeline Distribution Systems. Subject:
Updated Notification of the Susceptibility
of Older Plastic Pipes to Premature BrittleLike Cracking.
ADB-07-01 (02)
Premature brittle-like cracking requires relatively
high localized stress intensification that may
result from geometrical discontinuities, excessive
bending, improper installation of fittings, dents
and/or gouges. Because this failure mode
exhibits no evidence of gross yielding at the
failure location, the term brittle-like cracking is
used. This phenomenon is different from brittle
fracture, in which the pipe failure causes
fragmentation of the pipe.
ADB-07-01 (02)
 Century Utility Products, Inc. ADB–99–02
 Installed between the 1960s and early 1980s
 - Century Utility Products, Inc. Products;
 Low-ductile inner wall ‘‘Aldyl A’’ piping
manufactured by DuPont Company before
1973; and
 Polyethylene gas pipe designated PE 3306
ADB-07-01 (02)
Delrin insert tap tees
Plexco service tee Celcon (polyacetal)
1. On-The-Job
Performance not to be used
as sole assessment method for OQ.
2. OQ plan to be reviewed at the same time
as the O&M plan.
3. When the procedure is periodically
reviewed, the associated training for that
procedure should be reviewed.
Personal Electronic Device (PED)
Related Distractions.
Owners and operators of natural
gas and hazardous liquid pipeline
facilities should integrate into their
written procedures for operations
and maintenance appropriate
controls regarding the personal use
of PEDs by individuals performing
pipeline tasks that may affect the
operation or integrity of a pipeline.
Future Projects
Inspection, Protection,
Enforcement, and Safety
Act of 2006
PIPES 2006
By December 31, 2007 - shall review the
incident reporting requirements for operators
of natural gas pipelines and modify the
reporting criteria as appropriate to ensure
that the incident data gathered accurately
reflects incident trends over time, taking into
consideration the recommendations from the
Comptroller General in GAO report 06–946.
Plastic Pipe Issues
Address the .40 petition for PE
Installation and other construction
Tracking and Traceability
ASTM standards
Gas Gathering Lines
 Leak
 Confirm End of Gathering
Outstanding Topics
Failure Investigation
Stamped Pipe
API 1104
Changes Requiring Requalification
 Base Material
A change in base material constitutes an
essential variable. When welding materials
of two separate material groups, the
procedure for the higher strength group
shall be used. For the purposes of this
standard, all materials shall be grouped as
API 1104
Changes Requiring Requalification
a. Specified minimum yield strength less
than or equal to 42,000 psi.
b. Specified minimum yield strength
greater than 42,000 psi but less than
65,000 psi.
c. For materials with a specified minimum
yield strength greater than or equal to
65,000 psi, each grade shall receive a
separate qualification test.

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