Overview of USAID Studies for the Diamer Basha Dam Project

Overview of USAID Studies for the Diamer
Basha Dam Project
Michael R. Curtis, Ph.D.
Director, Energy Office
Step 1 - Rapid Data Review - completed
Rapid Data Collection
To collect data, information, and copies of studies and reports
prepared by the GOP and other partners
Rapid Gap Analysis
Identify gaps in the existing data, information and analyses in
comparison to international best practices
Scopes of Work (detailed analysis)
USAID Support – Step 2
• Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
Required under the U.S. Government Laws
Initiated Environmental and social Impact Assessment
Hired internationally credible consulting company
Estimated time – 24 months (September 2016)
• Financial Assessment
Pave the way for financing of the Project
Help GOP develop a realistic financing plan
RFP issued for hiring international investment firm
Estimated time – 12 months (Nov/Dec 2015)
• Technical Assessment
– Review the dam type and design, Vis-à-vis seismology, other geographic
conditions, construction phasing and value engineering
– RFP issued to hire international consulting firm
– Estimated time – 12 months (Nov/Dec 2015)
Coordination with International Financers/Donors
• Our efforts are to ensure that the plans meet requirements of
international donors/financers.
• Coordinating with the ADB to review the studies and outcomes
of the work

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