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State of Washington
State Interoperability Executive Committee
Page 1
Welcome and Introductions
• Introduction of Katrina Osborn, Washington
OneNet staff
Members and guests introductions
Review and modify Agenda
Approval of June 19, 2014 Meeting Minutes
Results of vote on OSCCR Upgrade
Page 2
Special Presentation
Shelley Westall
Marilyn Freeman
Page 3
News and Information Sharing
Bill Schrier
Page 4
SR530 Interoperability Report
• New Version 7 (still draft)
• Executive Summary Added
• Role of Telecommunicators Added
• Still open for input
Page 5
Washington State Patrol
Narrowbanding Project Report
Robert Schwent
Washington State Patrol
Page 6
WSP Districts
WSP Narrowbanding
Major Tasks Completed or In Process
• District 2 (Bellevue) Implementation District Coverage Surveys
• Design Document Receipt and Approval Complete
• Detailed Expectation Document Approval Complete
• Console Configuration Complete
• Conventional user interoperability
• Zone 1 and Zone 2 system levels / updates
Upcoming Milestones
• User and Dispatcher Training
• 700MHz Pilot Test
Page 8
SIEC Advisory Workgroup
800 MHz Rebanding Reports
Michael Marusich, Office of the CIO
Page 9
SIEC Advisory Workgroup
OSCCR Upgrade Recommendation
RCW requires all State agency radio system purchases be approved by
the SIEC. The SAW provides recommendation to the SIEC; therefore,
this request was submitted to the SAW in anticipation of receiving a
favorable review and recommendation for approval by the SIEC.
The Washington Military Department / Emergency Management
Division requested approval for the purchase of four (4) On-Scene
Command and Control Radio (OSCCR) servers, eight (8) computers
and the contract labor required to migrate the OSCCR system from
Windows 2003 / XP to Windows 8.1. This is required because Microsoft
ceased support of Windows XP and Office 2003. State policy directs
agencies to migrate off unsupported products. Total project is estimated
to be $67,553.
The SAW provided a recommendation for approval of the purchase and
the SIEC approved the recommendation (via email) with a majority vote.
Page 10
Rebanding Report
WSDOT - New Radio Integration by Region
• WA State Ferry, Southwest, Northwest, Olympic, North Central Regions are
• Minimal straggler units are being addressed by regional technicians in their
normal course of business; Legacy equipment return is pending.
• Eastern and South Central Regions are in process; SCR is currently one week
ahead of its proposed install schedule.
Page 11
Rebanding Report
WADOC – Facility / Site Status
Larch Correction Center
Monroe Correction Complex
Coyote Ridge Correction Center
Olympic Correction Center
Stafford Creek Correction Center
Washington Correction Center for Women
Mission Creek Correction Center for Women
Larch Mountain
Striped Peak
Ellis Lookout
Neilton Peak
South Mountain
Mt. Octopus
Washington State Penitentiary - FNE & subscriber units previously reconfigured;
Replacing combiners week of 8/18.
Clallam Bay Corrections Center - FNE complete; Spectra radio replacement (11)
pending; COR in process; Second Touch - mobiles week of 8/18 & subscribers week
of 8/25.
Cedar Creek Correction Center – Currently addressing combiner issue with Crown
Castle; Rebanding in September 2014.
Page 12
Rebanding Report
WADOC – Facility / Site Status
Capitol Peak - CCCC FNE Dependent; Scheduled for September 2014.
Airway Heights Correction Center - Replacing system in October 2014.
Washington Correction Center - Scheduled for early November 2014.
Department of Social and Health Services SCC - Pending DSHS/SCC coordination.
WA Department of Correction Headquarters - Scheduled for December 2014.
Rebanding Challenges
Unanticipated frequency conflicts & repeated Sprint loaner equipment
failures are cause for multiple Change Order Requests (CORs).
No Wave 1 Reconciliation response from Sprint (submitted in June).
Upcoming Milestones
Wave 4 Planning Funding Agreement (FRA) Reconciliation
Page 13
OneNet Committee Summit
| SCIP Workshop
August 13-14
Spokane, WA
Facilitated by Bill Schrier
Michael Marusich
Katrina Osborn
Bob Schwent
Shelley Westall
Page 14
Summit - Keynote
T. J. Kennedy – FirstNet General Manager
Page 15
Summit - General
• Facilitation by Homeland Security’s Office of
Emergency Communications– Schrier
Attendance – Westall
Event and Video Feedback - Westall
Hosting Opportunities for partner
EventMobi App – Osborn
Event Analytics
Future Uses - Westall
Page 16
Page 17
EventMobi Analytics
Page 18
EventMobi Analytics
Page 19
Summit – Specific Outcomes
Revised SCIP
New: Include county and regional LMR
New: Include mobile data apps and use
Examples: TeamWork, Safety Pad
Involving other responders
COML training and certification
Statewide Field Operations Guide (FOG)
Updating Communications Asset Systems
Management (CASM) tool
Page 20
Summit – SIEC Discussion
• One stop clearinghouse for best practices?
• Advocacy and champions for interop?
• Wide focus including 911 / NG911?
• Wider involvement of locals in SAW?
• Policies and governance for FirstNet in
• Newsletter and other tools for leadership
and interacting with local government?
Page 21
Role and Responsibilities of
SIEC Members
Facilitated by Bill Schrier
Page 22
Washington OneNet (WON)
Bill Schrier
Shelley Westall
Page 23
Brief WON Updates
Outreach Efforts - Westall
FCC Tribal Broadband Summit
Colville and Yakama Nation Visits
Community Transportation Association of the
Northwest (CTANW)
Fusion Liaison Officer Training
Subcontracting: PNWER & WSU – Schrier
October 16 FirstNet Initial Consultation - Schrier
Washington OneNet and FirstNet
Page 24
WON Outreach Map
Page 25
• April 30:
FirstNet publishes checklist
June 3: Washington submits (#5 of 56)
August 13-14: Proposed stakeholder &
technical committees kickoff
October 16:
SIEC + FirstNet + SCIP Kickoff
Oct 2014 – 2015?:
Design FirstNet WA
Early 2016?: Design final & to Governor
Page 26
Washington OneNet (WON)
[email protected]
Page 27
Washington State
Governance Structure
Thursday, June 19, 2014
State Interoperability Executive Committee
SIEC Workplan and Task List
Bill Schrier
Page 29
Budget Subcommittee
Shawn Berry, WSP
Bill Legg, WSDOT
Albert Kassel, DNR
Bill Schrier, OCIO
Jim Semmens, Gambling Commission
Jose Zuniga or designee, Corrections
• Robert Schwent, WSP and SWIC
• Michael Marusich, OCIO, alternate SWIC
Page 30
Topics: Budget Subcommittee
• SWIC Staffing
• SIEC Staffing – frequency coordination
• COML/COMT/AUXCOMM lists, training,
certification, exercises, meetings
• Field Operations Guides (FOG)
• Statewide Communications
Interoperability Plan (SCIP) & NECP
• Work with locals to prepare comms for
next disaster, major incidents
Page 31
Upcoming Items
October 16
October 16
December 18
December 18
Early 2016
Future Agenda Topics
- Final Report of Interoperability during the SR530 Landslide and
potential action on its specific recommendations (see below).
- Final Report on April 10th E-911 Outage.
- Recommendations and Action Plan from the Statewide Comms
Interoperability Planning (SCIP) Workshop (Aug 13-14)
- State Dispatch Centers Consolidation Report (from August,
2013 meeting)
- Recommendations of Budget Subcommittee
- FirstNet initial consultation with State of Washington. This is
the launch of the “design” phase of the network in Washington.
- Presentation of current status and plans for upgrade or
replacement of the Washington State Department of
Transportation Radio Network.
- Presentation of the Plan for the Puget Sound Emergency Radio
Network (PSERN), an upgrade or replacement of the King County
800 MHz radio Network
- Review and recommendation to the Governor on the State Plan
for FirstNet
Page 32
Good of the Order
Next Meeting: October 16
(probably 9AM – 3PM)
FirstNet Initial Consultation
Page 33

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