Sanako Study 1200 v. 6.00 Product Presentation

Sanako Study 1200 Presentation
Sanako Study 1200
Interactive Language Learning Environment
 Enjoyable and productive language teaching at all
 Easy to use and dynamic –pure SW solution
 Fully scalable to meet teaching needs large or small
 Many ways to make classes attractive and interactive,
simulating real life situations: group discussions, role
plays, mock interviews, voting games, text messaging
and chat exercises, translation exercises...
 Less time used to organize and do exercises – more
practice achieved without jeopardizing the overall study
 Any content is possible to use – not restricted to certain
 Any language can be taught
User-friendly Hi-tech
Integrate with existing IT
Compatible with Windows® 7 and
soon Windows® 8
Compatible with the
Microsoft®.NET platform
Only MP3 Certified Language
Lab Software provider
Windows 7 Certified
 Study 1200 is both Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit compatible
as noted on Microsoft’s Website:
 Study 1200 does not need to run in XP compatibility mode
within as it runs on the native Windows 7 32 and 64 bit
operating systems
 Soon Study 1200 will be Windows 8 compatible.
 Study 1200 runs on the most current .net
platform thus providing the latest and
greatest development tools and functions.
 Advantages of .net for language learning
 Security
 Interoperability
 Simplified deployment
 .net was developed by Microsoft
specifically for Windows and thus makes
updating Study a simple process.
MP3 Licensed
 Sanako is the only MP3 licensed language learning software
manufacturer, therefore, only Sanako can use MP3 encoding in our
 MP3 encoding enables our solutions to use the most common audio
format used on virtually all modern audio devices from iPods to PCs to
MACs, etc.
 Don’t take our word for it. Please go to
Tools for Teaching
Offers listening-based as well
as intensive voice-based
Familiar communication tools
for students and teacher
Uses variety of teaching
content: Files, CD/DVD, Internet
Monitor and manage
students’ PCs
Activity Based
 Makes teaching with technology easier not
 Easy to learn. Buttons are kept to a
 Fun. Keeps students engaged in learning
through individual and collaborative tools.
 Modern. Familiar and simple appearance to
teachers and students.
 Flexible. Advanced users can go beyond the
activity approach or customize activities as
Easy Class Management for Teachers
All the functions and features needed for
teaching can be used through the same
user friendly Tutor interface.
Easy Class Management for Teachers
Divide students into color-coded sessions
and start different activities for the sessions
Variety of Preset Teaching Activities
AP Exam
Listening Comprehension
Model Imitation
Reading Practice
Round Table Discussion
TEM 4 oral test
TEM 8 oral test
Vocabulary Test
Web Browsing
Wide Range of Media Sources
Deliver audio/video for the students using
variety of different media sources
• Tutor – teacher’s voice to students
• Tutor PC – teacher’s computer
• Student – model student’s voice to students
• File – stream/copy/share files to students
• External source – plugged into Tutor PC
• Audio CD – PC CD drive
• Video stream – DVD, VHS, file
• Tutor player - file playback / control
Easy Way to Distribute Files
Efficient file management: prepare deliver - manage
Session files
Tutor files
Guided and Controlled Web Browsing
Strict policy
Open policy
Live Interaction and Communication
• Talk / Discuss
• Messages
• Chat
Entire Class
Whiteboard for collaboration between
students and Teacher
Screen Transfer with Audio and Marker
Monitor, Collaborate & Remote Control
Full Control of Student PCs
Application Blocking
Easier management of
class and student activity
Easy elimination of
Better focusing of student
attention on key tasks or
Greater support for
differentiated learning by
allowing or blocking
selected applications for
individual students or
selected sessions.
Easy and convenient distribution and collection of homework
• Copy and paste text from any source, such as a
Web page and convert automatically into an
audio file in the target language.
• Bookmarks and subtitles for each sentence.
• Created audio files are added to the Study
• Benefit from native voices even in the absence
of native staff. Tireless language teacher.
• Selection of high-quality voices for different
target languages available
Sanako Study 1200 Student
panels open
(Media Recorder,
File Area, Chat)
Call teacher /
Send message
to teacher
All status information
Sanako Study 1200 Student
Media Recorder
File area
Subtitling and instructions
Teachers and students can add subtitles using the Study player
Subtitling and instructions
Teacher can include instructions in .mff files
Ripping Tool
Copy media content
directly onto the Playlist
from a CD, an Internet
source, or from an
external source.
Content is ready for use
in Study lessons and
added to digital library.
Eliminates need for
separate timeconsuming ripping
software as the tool is
integrated into Study
Learning content for Study
A selection of readymade content modules
for English readily
Sanako provides Service
for creation of
customized content
packages to match
requirements of local
Modular content is integrated into Study and
includes different types of exercises supporting all four
key skills of language learning.
Sanako Study Solo
Study Solo – Interactive
multimedia content and
language learning application in
one package.
One solution for independent
and teacher-led learning.
Integrated multimedia elements support all four key skills:
reading, writing, listening and speaking.
Wi-Fi compatibility
Study software optimized for new
generation 802.11n wireless networks.
Well suited for popular laptop-cart
applications as well as for “one laptop
per learner” -type educational
Sanako Study 1200 v.6.0 has full
functionality in a wireless environment
and does not lose features in a
wireless enviroment
System requirements
Minimum requirements for Teacher and Student PC
As per the requirements for the Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system
Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system
Microsoft .NET Framework® 2.0 SP2, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 SP2 or Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
DirectX 9.0c or higher
1.5 GHz processor
1 GB of system memory, 2 GB recommended for Tutor PC
100 MB of free disk space for installation *
1024*768 display resolution with 16-bit colors
AC97 or HDA compatible sound card
Network Adapter, TCP/IP support required
PC Headset – recommended Sanako models to ensure high quality audio
QuickTime® 7.0.3 or later is required for displaying certain file types and for the Sanako Study Video Live
Internet access during Server component installation**
*) The amount of free disk space required during the use of Study 1200 varies primarily according to the use of the
recording functionality - longer recording times require more disk space.
**) If there is no Internet connection on the Server computer, you may perform an offline activation process. Instructions
for offline activation can be found later in this guide.
Note: Sanako Study only supports Microsoft OneNote 2007. In order to use the OneNote feature, Microsoft OneNote
must be installed on the student computers before installing Study Student. Otherwise Study will be unable to connect to
OneNote and tutor notes cannot be sent to students’ OneNote applications.
Note: Actual requirements may vary based on your system configuration. It is essential to make sure that the operating
system runs smoothly on each computer where a Study Tutor or Student application will be installed.
System requirements
Network Requirements
The following requirements should be met by the network.
Multicast must be enabled in the network.
All computers must be in the same TCP/IP sub-net in order to allow multicast transfer of screen and
audio to students
It is recommended that all workstations within a room are connected to the same network switch with
support for multicast transmission
Student and teacher workstations need to be able to PING each other and the Study Server with
TCP/IP packets
If the computers have multiple network adapters, the adapter used by Sanako Study must be bound
first, because Windows operating systems send multicast data to the first adapter
In LAN minimum of 100Mbps speed or greater dedicated to each workstation. For Wi-Fi
implementations, please refer to the Sanako Wi-Fi Deployment Guide found on the installation DVD
for requirements and suitable wireless hardware
For optimum performance in file operations, we recommend using a file server for storing media files
and collected student recordings. However, the teacher computer may be used for file operations if a
separate file server is not available.
• Teacher and students should have unrestricted access to the server
• Schools may use an existing server with Linux, Windows NT or Windows Server operating
• A NAS (Network Attached Storage) server may also be used
System requirements
Firewall settings
Sanako Study adds required Windows firewall exceptions automatically during installation.
If a non-Windows firewall is used please verify that the following programs have been added to the
firewall exceptions list.
Tutor.exe (Tutor computer)
Student.exe (Student computers)
StudyServer.exe (on computer with Study Server software)
The default TCP ports used by Sanako are:
Port 5060 for audio packets
Port 15525 for screen packets
Port 15535 for remote control data
Ports 6310, 6311 and 6312 for Study Server operations
Sanako Study 1200 is Modular
Modules enhance language
teaching with new functionalities
Available modules:
• Study Examination Module
• Study Video Live
• Study Solo
Sanako Study 1200 Product Package
Study 1200 Software CD
Printed User Guide
Packaged in normal software box
In addition to standard PC and
network hardware, headsets are
Thank you!

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