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HP Scitex XP5500
Competitive Analysis
Erez Zimerman
HP Scitex XP series overview
The HP Scitex XP series was launched by Nur Macroprinters
since 2004
HP acquired Nur Macroprinters in 2007
The product name originally was “Expedio” and was changed to
HP Scitex XP5000 series
Two models:
• XP5100 – high quality low speed – 8 colors, max speed 1600 ft2/hr
• XP5500 – low quality high speed – 4 colors, max speed 3500 ft2/hr
XP5000 series known as “Expedio”
About the New HP Scitex XP5500
The HP Scitex XP5500 is based on the same
platform as XP5300 / 5100 (known as “Expedio”)
It was first introduced in SGIA 2011
The only two changes are:
• New covers for safety purposes
• New print mode of 3500 sqft/hr (previously was
3200 sqft/hr)
No real news on this product, just a minor face lift
XP5000 SWF UV Printers
HP Scitex
HP Scitex
RTR (free fall)
RTR (free fall)
150 m2/hr
1600 ft2/hr
325 m2/hr
3500 ft2/hr
360 x 360 true
360 x 360 true
16 Spectra
16 Spectra
4,8 C,lc,M,lm,Y,ly,K,lk
C,M,Y,K for Billboard
C,M,Y,K for POP
80$ / liter
80$ / liter
Media handling
Number # of print
Ink price
UViStar Pro8 vs. XP5500 /5100- specs
UViStar Pro8
HP Scitex XP5100
HP Scitex XP5500
353 sqm / hr
200% faster than 5100
20% faster than 5500
150 m2/hr
325 m2/hr
Fast POP (PDS) mode
Production or high quality
in a click
High quality only!
or high quality require
60 min ink switching
+ ink waste
Freefall, R2R
Hybrid –with Auto loader
Auto Backlit
Free fall, R2R
Free fall, R2R
Up to 180 sqm/liter based
on customer average!
95 sqm/liter
Up to 140 sqm/liter in
low coverage, special
ink, high speed mode
UViStar Pro8 vs. XP5500 /5100- specs
UViStar Pro8
HP Scitex XP5100
HP Scitex XP5500
32 Ricoh E3 heads
20- 40 PL
X4 Higher quality
16 Spectra heads
360 dpi
80 PL – Big drops
Require purging,
16 Spectra heads
360 dpi
80 PL – Big drops
Require purging,
Media handling
Only 13” (35) cm
media waste per
Multi roll,
Rigid with
78” (200 cm) media
waste per loading
Multi roll
Mesh, fabrics
78” (200 cm) media
waste per loading
i-Phone app
Media saving wizard
Wrinkle analyzer
In-line Finshing
Color correction
Scale up
Color correction
Scale up
and workflow
HP Scitex Super Wide Status
HP Scitex division is located in Israel and reports
to HP in Barcelona
HP invest ALL their efforts in penetration of the
Latex printers, HP Scitex LX800 series
Therefore they are no longer investing in the super
wide format printers
Customer support level is limited !!!
• No spare parts in the field (logistic
• In some cases customers production can be
halted for several days
Drawbacks of HP XP5000 Series
All the information is based on field feedback
and customers’ reviews
Ink System - Drawbacks
The printer has 2 separate dedicated ink types,1
for each application:
• 1 ink for Billboard
• 1 ink for POP applications
The customer must choose between BB or POP
and switch inks at each application change
Ink Switching takes 1 hour !!
Ink Switching wastes 1 liter !!, worth $80
Real Ink consumption is ~ 100 sqm / liter
POP Inks
B.B Inks
Media Tension - Drawbacks
Media tension is extremely high, which causes distortion of the
media and change of dimensions !!
For large jobs this results in the need to perform scaling on the
RIP !!! This makes it extremely problematic to get the file size
See the high tension on the PVC banner
and how the media is stretched
Media Waste - Drawbacks
UViStar = 13” (35cm) media
waste when loading new roll
Expedio = 78” (200cm) media waste
when loading new roll
13” cm waste
78” (200 cm) waste
•Each time a customer loads new media he wastes 78” ! (4% from new PVC
banner roll goes to waste)
•Customer replaces media rolls several times per day
•Annual waste vs. UViStar can be
XP Media Loading - Drawbacks
Media loading must be accurate to prevent
wrinkles during printing
• See below how much scotch tape is applied to the
HP Scitex XP5500 - Drawbacks
Ink level indication:
• No ink level gauge (only empty / full )
• If there is no ink in the tank, printing stops
machine can not stay unattended
No UV lamp time counter
• UV lamp status in unknown
• Might effect curing and print quality over
Head Carriage Height
In Expedio it is impossible to change the head
carriage height during printing
If for some reason there are wrinkles (faulty
loading, wrinkle in the roll from manufacturer ):
• The print heads touch the media
• Damage the print heads
• Ruin the printed jobs
Can not raise carriage during print process
UViStar Pro8 vs. XP at Same Customer’s Site
Comparing the to the XP, the customer especially likes the
following benefits:
• Our ability to print on EVERY substrate with minimal
user intervention when switching from one to the other
(PE, PVC and vinyl).
• On the HP Expedio he prints only PE and the machine is
very sensitive to wrinkles. (raise the print carriage and
resume printing cannot be done on the XP)
The XP prints in a SINGLE direction only, otherwise it is not
sellable quality
Customer’s quote:
• “Our production speed is really 353 sqm / hr, unlike the
HP XP where the production speed in reality is half of
what is written in the spec”
Pro8 Wins in Every Parameter
Speed 353 vs. 325m/hr
Resolution 600 vs. 360dpi
True hybrid with minimal switch time 5 vs. 20 min
Minimal waste
• Media 35 vs. 2000cm
• Ink consumption 180 vs. 100m/liter
• Switch 4 to 8 colors 5 vs. 60min, 400ml vs. 800ml
Simplicity & Utilization carriage height etc….
Backlit Fully automatic vs. partially
In-line finshing
Auto loader & unloader
UViStar Pro8 Benefits
Up to 353 sqm/hr (3,800 sqft/hr) – real production mode!
POP mode based on PDS technology
Hybrid option – switch in few minutes
Automatic loader & unloader for maximum printer utilization
Most versatile application capabilities – POP, PE ECO signs, Fleet, Soft signage,
Rigid applications, Backlit, Billboard, Building wraps etc.
8 colors print
Best ink consumption in the market – up to 180 sqm/liter (1,940sqft/liter) – annual
saving can reach $100K
Advanced Featuers:
• Media saving wizard
• In-line finishing
• Automatic backlit
• Multi files optimizer
• iPhone app
Fuji inks has high durability, low odor and huge color Gamut

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