Nebraska Delegate Report Craig Munier, Panel 51 - Al

2013 World Service Conference
Virginia Beach, VA
April 14-18, 2013
Memorial Contributions
Task Force
Charge was to consider if we could
allow gifts from family members in
memorial to an AFG member
 Current policy does not if family member
is not a member of Al-Anon
 Tradition 7 vs. Tradition 5
(Giving comfort…)
 Have family members
been considered ‘outside’
Task Force: Service Jobs for
Dual Members
Not a discussion about changing current
 Create a piece that emphasizes what
dual members can do in service vs.
what they cannot do
Task Force: Service Jobs for
Dual Members
Policy Discussion - Anonymity
 New
text in the Anonymity section of
the “Digest of Al-Anon and Alateen
 Websites accessible to the public
 Functions where Al-Anon members
are recorded
 Subject lines and addresses of emails
 Postal correspondence
Chosen Agenda Item: “Improving
the retention of newcomers and
experienced Al-Anon members”
newcomers do not
Older members have an
attrition rate
Al-Anon, thus is not
Chosen Agenda Item: “Improving
the retention of newcomers and
experienced Al-Anon members”
○ Friendship
○ Newcomer’s judge
○ Ask newcomer’s for their phone number
○ “Lend” them copies of the Forum
○ Give newcomer’s How Al-Anon Works.
○ Have people arrive meetings at least 15
○ See WSO website, “How Does Your Group
Welcome Newcomers?”
 S-13 Translation of Conference
Approved Literature
○ Coming this spring; a catalog of translated
○ Those listed will be available and on-hand at WSO
vs. the past when WSO had to get copies from the
country that produced it; long delays that seemed
to be the fault of WSO when it was not
 S-72 Conflict Resolution using our Twelve
Traditions cards
○ $4.00
Public Relations
 Three-year conversation and 16 revisions
 Section of our Service Manual is renamed
Public Outreach.
Revises current text on pp 107 -109 of the 20102013 Service Manual.
Does not change the 6th World Service
Conference statement of 1966, reaffirmed in
Policy Committee did not consider pursuing a
change to our Traditions
Emphasize “Members and groups carry the
It takes at least 6 contacts with a message
 AFG, Inc projects an annual revenue
shortfall that is consistently $150,000/ year
 Quarterly Appeal letter is the opportunity for
individual members to express their
 Individuals may give a maximum of 1% of
general revenue to AFG; this amount
currently is $46,331.04
 Does my contribution to the basket at my
meetings reflect the level of my gratitude to
Contribution Envelopes
Annual Report – Executive
 Forum
as e-literature; update
 2013 Conference Summary
 Soft-cover version of “How AlAnon Works”, misunderstood
 “How Al-Anon Works” is coming
out as an e-book! ($11.99)
 Audio version of “How Al-Anon
Works” this summer ($24.99)
Annual Report – Executive
 Legacy
posters are no longer
available – they don’t sell
 Local groups may produce their
 But if they sell them must be for
their cost – no profit
Finance Committee
 March,
1952 Al-Anon asked each
member to contribute $1 per
 Today, that same contribution
would be $17.00 twice per year
Quarterly Appeal Letter
 Individual
appeal; not an appeal to
the groups
 2013 Letter explains how funds are
used for:
○ Fellowship communication
○ Public Outreach
○ Group Services
○ Membership Outreach
○ Supports the structures of the
district, area, and WSC
“There is no romance in paying
the rent, but it is a vital and
important function…”
Lois Wilson
Who sent me to the World
Service Conference as your
trusted servant?
You did…
“Meet the Board” Project
 July,
2014 Board Meeting
 Opportunity for members to
interact with the Board
 Areas apply by September
15, 2013
 Three-year Trial
Literature Committee
 Encourage
use of other CAL
literature besides daily
 Parents of alcoholics timely
reprint – 37,327 copies sold
Literature Committee
 “Reach
for Personal
Freedom: Living the
Legacies” B-92
 176 pages
 $15.00
 Released at the 2013
International Convention
Literature Committee
 “Intimacy
in Alcoholic
Relationships” (working
title) update
 775 sharings received; only
76 from men
 Need more sharings from
everyone; encourage men
to share
Public Service Announcement
 15,
30, & 60 seconds in English
 30 & 60 seconds in French and
 Features parent (Jack) of alcoholic
child and wife (Rose) of an
 Increase from 3,300 to 5,000
television stations and 6,000
gatekeepers to over 10,000 radio
Task Force: Toolkit on Service
and Personal Growth
 How
service contributes to
personal growth
 Apply to both new and
experienced to service
 Will include full
bibliography of service
Task Force: Toolkit on Service
and Personal Growth
 Board
of Trustees will
review & pass along to WSO
staff for development
 “We need to break the idea
that recovery is separate from
service and promote that
without service there can be
no recovery.”
Ric B.
 Survey
on Readiness for Step
12 Service
 Members will be asked to
survey their service
 May 13 – July 21, 2013
 Encourage member
participation (see ‘Surveys for
Members’ on Members-only
Public Outreach
 137,000
copies of “Al-Anon
Faces Alcoholism”
 Professionals having been
thanking Al-Anon and asking
for more copies for their
waiting areas
24 Hour Meeting Information
in final stages of testing
 Caller provides zip code and
preference for weekday,
weekend, or day/evening
 Could be available very soon
New & Improved
Easier to use
Coming soon
New & Improved
Members-only Website!
 New
 Rotating topics
 Each Category – Own
 Service Manual on each
 Go live, July 1, 2013
 Same log-on as current
Members-only site
Staff Updates
 Encourage
groups to get Current
Mailing Address (CMA) e-mail
registered with WSO
 Of 14,667 registered groups only
7,791 (53%) have valid e-mail
addresses for their group
Staff Updates
is considering other
options to allow delegates to
visit Stepping Stones
 Expense of having World
Service Conferences in
Staff Updates
Equalized Expense of Delegates to
 16 Areas paid $1,280 Equalized Expense
 38 Areas paid $1,968 full amount per
delegate to attend WSC
 7 Areas paid somewhere between the
equalized expense amount and the full
 6 Areas paid more than the full expense
2014 World Service Conference
Friday, April 25 – Tuesday,
April 29, 2014
Wyndham Virginia Beach
Hotel, Virginia Beach, VA
2018 International AlAnon/Alateen Convention Site
Baltimore, Maryland
July 5-7, 2013
Vancouver, British Columbia,
“This building, our literature, our legacies,
and our service – all of it is worthless if we
don’t pass it on to the next newcomer who
needs our help.”
Ric B., Executive Director, World Service Office
60th Anniversary Open House, April 16, 2011

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