BOSS Overview Power Point

Working with the BOSS
(Baldrige Online Scoring Solution)
Wisconsin Forward Award Examiners
8 Reasons to like the BOSS
It uses the structure of the criteria for a template-KFs,
strength/OFI evidence, FBR Comments, Scores
The criteria themselves are available within BOSS as an aid
(especially for new examiners)
It has character limits which will help prevent run-on comments.
It allows you to spellcheck your comments (maybe)
Scorebook summary automatically calculates scores.
It automatically consolidates comments for the consensus round.
This is a labor saving device for examiners.
It allows for easy access to feedback from other examiners during
It provides a management overview for the TLs to see where
examiners are in completing their items during independent
Read This email
Look for this email from BOSS
eventually, BOSS communications will be sent from and to
[email protected]
Go to the Wisconsin BOSS Website
Some of the BPEP training materials give a link to the site for national examiners. Your user name
and password WILL NOT work on the link.
BOSS Login Screen
Conflict of Interest
Overview Tab in BOSS
Conflict of Interest Tab
Scorebook Progress Tab
Key Factors Tab
Initial Thoughts Tab
IR Worksheets Tab
Score Summary Tab
Team Files Window
Key Factors Tab
Key Factors Open
Writing Key Factor with Criteria
Spellchecking KF (maybe)
Saved Key Factor
Saved Key Factors
Adding Key Factors for 1.1
Selecting a Key Factor for 1.1
Selecting PART of a Key Factor
Selected Text from a KF
Selected KF for 1.1
Comment Writing 1.1
Selecting the Item Reference
Writing a Strength and Evidence for
1.1. with Criteria open
1.1 Feedback Ready Comment
Score Summary with 1.1 Score
Scorebook progress tab with 1.1
Consensus and beyond
• A Word document here
e_center/consensus_review.cfm will shows next
steps beginning with the Team Leader switching
the team to the Consensus phase.
• If your team makes it to a site visit, an e-learning
module is available here

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