Scottish Water Horizons Delivering innovation in the Hydro Nation

Scottish Water Horizons
Delivering innovation in the Hydro Nation
Fraser Purves
Commercial Manager
Who are Scottish Water Horizons
An overview…
• Owned by Scottish Water
• Self funded
• Leveraging value of Scottish Water assets
• Identifying commercial opportunities
• Contributing to Scottish Water’s renewable
• Supporting Scotland’s growth agenda
What we do…
The energy challenges
The scale of the challenge currently being
faced by SW:
• Largest energy consumer within Scotland
• £40m per annum energy bill
• Reducing SW’s carbon footprint
The Scottish Water Vision…
Horizons hydro programme
The hydro potential
SWH hydro investment into the asset
SWH hydro programme
A crucial part of the SWH programme is the
Difgen… a new turbine technology
What is a Difgen?
An alternative turbine technology
A water turbine that combines:
 Pressure reduction + flow control
 Power generation by harvesting the
energy from the resulting pressure drop
Installed within potable water distribution
The Difgen concept was developed by
The Difgen turbine… what it looks like
The heart of the Difgen… the techy bit
Hydro power from fluid pressure
A positive displacement rotary lobe pump
running in reverse to act as a turbine
How does it work?
Differential pressure created by the braking
force load applied from the grid
Retards the rotational speed
Allows either flow or pressure control
Denny Difgen… a first in Scotland
The facts
• In line between Carron Valley WTW to Quarter
• 2 No. Duty models installed with an output of
• Energy produced; 600 MWh per annum… enough
to power 150 homes
• Investment at £800k
• Return on investment
 Annual income estimated at £147k
 Anticipated payback of 6 years
Denny Difgen… a first in Scotland
What are the benefits?
• The asset base can be fully exploited for
renewable energy
• The scale of the Difgen opportunity... 3,500
PRVs in SW asset base
• Pan Scotland Difgen programme kicked off
with first 20 sites… estimated to produce
15,000MWh… enough to power 4,000
• Benefits to SW and our customers
Closing thoughts… a positive contribution to
generating green energy
Finally, I want to leave you with these key messages:
The Difgen technology supports SW vision of
becoming a low carbon water company
The Difgen is an enabler for:
 Smart leakage management
 Reducing carbon footprint
 Ultimately reducing the electricity bill
Thank you

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