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College Readiness
Klein Forest High School
Consider College an Investment
According to a 2007 College Board Study, Education Pays, people
with a bachelor's degree earn over 60 percent more than those
with only a high school diploma.
Over a lifetime, the gap in earning potential between a high school
diploma and a B.A.is more than $800,000.
In other words, whatever sacrifices you make for your college
education in the short term are more than repaid in the long term.
AP Advanced Placement
•Designed by the College Board
•Entry level college courses taught by high school
•Exam at the conclusion of the course allows the student
to demonstrate mastery of the course content
•Scores of 3, 4 or 5 on the AP exam are typically
accepted for college credit.
•Depending on the university’s policy, exam scores
may count for 8-12 hours of college credit
•Check university policies on value of AP Exam scores
AP Advanced Placement
Speak up. Be heard.
In AP classes, just like in college, you not only learn by
doing, but by sharing and speaking out. You'll be asked to
add your unique perspective because the dialog and debate
contributes to the knowledge that's shared by everyone.
You'll help drive the class and sharpen your skills by
learning to express yourself before you get to college.
Work side-by-side. Get support.
With AP, you'll explore new ideas side-by-side with your
classmates and AP teachers. When you get to college, you'll
be asked to manage your own time and study habits, while
tackling challenging problems and subject areas. This is what
you get when you take an AP class, with the added benefit of
your AP teacher helping you throughout the journey. AP
courses let you to see and feel what college work is like,
while receiving the support to help you get there.
AP Advanced Placement
AP Advanced Placement
Earn College Credits
Currently more than 90 percent of colleges and universities
across the country offer college credit, advanced placement, or
both, for qualifying AP Exam scores.
AP Exam scores of 3, 4, or 5 have the potential
to earn college credit. You must check the
college/university’s policy for credit.
Go to this website to search for your college:
College Credit Policy database
Texas Tech AP Exam Policy
AP Advanced Placement
KFHS AP courses :
Art History
Music Theory
Studio Art: 2-D Design
Studio Art: 3-D Design
Studio Art: Drawing
English Language and Composition
English Literature and Composition
History & Social Science
European History
United States Government and
United States History
World History
Math & Computer Science
Calculus AB
Computer Science
Physics B
World Languages & Cultures
Spanish Language
French Language
AP Costs to the Student
•No cost to take the course
•Textbooks are issued to the student
•Exam fees are $91 set by College Board
•Texas subsidizes the exam fees for
students who qualify for federal school
lunch programs (free or reduced) so the
cost to the student is $25.
•KFHS AP Scholarship assists students
taking multiple exams with partial
payments of exams.
AP Advanced Placement
Additional Resources:
College Board:
Kathleen Plott
KF College Readiness Specialist
[email protected]
Dual Credit
Klein Independent School District
What are the Benefits of Taking
Dual Credit Courses?
•Experience college before leaving high school
•Save time and money earning a bachelor’s degree
•Understand what it takes to be academically successful in college
•Experience the benefits of small college classes
•Earn college credit
•May be eligible for scholarship opportunities available to transfer
General Information
•Student must be 16 years old
•“Embedded” courses are college courses offered on the high school
•Students who take dual credit courses are BEGINNING their college
careers. This is a serious commitment and should only be entered into
by those able to handle college-level work.
•Students and parents should discuss dual credit plans with the
student’s guidance counselor before approaching the school’s Dual
Credit Counselor.
KF Dual Credit
Independent Study/College Algebra
*1314 Math
Pre Calculus (1/2 credit, spring semester)
2412 Math
English 3 (A)—fall
**1301 Composition and Rhetoric I
English 3 (B)—spring
**1302 Composition and Rhetoric II
***English 4 (A) – fall
2322 British Literature
***English 4 (B) – spring 2322 British Literature
History/Social Sciences
2305 Government
U. S. History (A) – fall
1301 United States History
U. S. History (B) – spring
1302 United States History
**Offered as English III or English IV—depending on high school campus course
***Pre-requisite: ENG 1301/1302
Cost of Dual Credit Course
Current cost:
On Klein ISD campus: $60 (3 credit hrs)
$108 (6 credit hours)
On LSC campus: $60 + $20 campus fee
Online course: $60 + $15 per credit hour
online fee
Grading Information
Dual Credit courses are reported as letter grades to Lone Star College.
The letter grades are converted to numerical grades in accordance with
KISD policy when posted to the high school transcript.
Students must earn at least a “C” to continue in the dual credit
A = 95
B = 85
C = 77
D = 72
•Students who earn a “D” will receive their high school credit, but
cannot continue in the program for the remainder of high school.
Grading Information
•Each semester of a college course with a grade of an “A” or a “B” will
earn one advanced measure on the Distinguished Achievement Plan
for graduation.
•Dual credit courses earn grade points on the 6-point scale for GPA.
•As this is not an “open enrollment” option once enrolled, a student is
expected to complete a dual credit course.
Additional Resources:
Lonestar College System:
District Dual Credit Information Night
Michelle McCharen
[email protected]
KFHS College Readiness Counselor
AP Participation and
Dual Credit
Enrollment have a
POSITIVE impact on
college graduation

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