Project Initiation and Reasoning

Project Description
Project corridor is 36 miles in length and is broken down into segments for construction funding purposes
FDOT plans to turn Krome Avenue into a four-lane divided roadway with a 40-foot median by widening the lanes and creating two lanes traveling
north and south. In addition, the project includes new stormwater drainage, guardrail in the median, new signage and street lighting along project
Corridor is predominately rural within western Miami-Dade County near the urban development boundary and Everglades National Park
Project Initiation and Reasoning
Part of the improvements identified in the FDOT
Krome Avenue Action Plan approved by the MiamiDade Metropolitan Planning Organization in March
The project was initiated to address:
o Safety and operational needs
o Capacity deficiencies
o Current and future demands of the corridor with
regard to safety, flooding, mobility, water
quality, economic competitiveness and
preservation of the existing roadway as a high
quality transportation facility
Part of the delay has been attributed to the economic
downturn from 2006 to 2008 as well as opposition
from the community on the proposed improvements
Recent Safety Improvements
Installed “No Passing Zone” signs north and south of
S-Curve approximately one mile north of Kendall
Installed chevron signs in both directions at S-Curve
Installed “No Passing Zone” signs from south of SW
136 Street to south of SW 144 Street
Installed intersection warning signs with street names
at SW 144 Street
Refurbished pavement markings within the SW 144
Street area
Interim Improvements
Install reflectorized signal backplates at all nine
signalized intersections from SW 88th Street to SW
296 Street
Extend all-red signal phases at all signalized
Install audible and vibratory pavement markings
throughout the corridor
Install large chevron signs at curves
Install lighting at five signalized intersections where
none exists
Install flexible delineators along centerline
approaching signalized intersections with left-turn
Install flashing beacons and larger warning panels in
advance of signalized intersections
Install mortality signs at three locations on the
Install speed feedback signs including larger sign
panels along the corridor
Install speed limit pavement markings and larger
speed limit sign panels
Resurfacing: SW 288th Street to SW 272nd Street;
SW 268th Street to SW 256th Street; SW 256th
Street to SW 216th Street; SW 216th Street to SW
192nd Street; SW 184th Street to SW 168th Street;
and SW 168th Street to SW 136th Street
There are over 22 proposed Krome Avenue projects
with construction dates varying from 2015 - 2019
For more information contact the FDOT Public Information Office at: (305) 470-5349

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