Technical Support Topics

2013 Nature’s Fury Coach Call
Technical Support Process EV3\NXT
People Introductions
• Laura Miller, Michael Klanica – FIRST ® Senior Mentors
• Tim Lankford – Senior Technical Support Manager – LEGO® Education North America
• Kathy Vachon, FIRST® FLL Partner Services Team Manager
• Glenn Swinson , FIRST® FLL Logistics Manager
Topic Introduction:
• Tim will talk about the overall technical support processes in place for the EV3 & NXT product
• We will not discuss advantages and disadvantages of the EV3 robot over the NXT robot
• FIRST ® has decided there will be no adjustments to overall scores in the robot game
competition due to the use of EV3 or NXT. Creativity of how one uses either software
reaps reward or poses risk.
2013 Nature’s Fury Coach Call
Technical Support Process EV3\NXT
Technical Support Topics
Overall technical support process:
• the website - support link at top of page; look for category list.
• the phone number 1-866-349-5346
• Key Tutorials - are built into the software; e.g. EV3 has 48 built in tutorials.
The top 3 FAQs to date:
1. Downloading the sw
2. Firmware updates
3. EV3 battery issue
• Process for "bug" reporting for software (NXT or EV3)
• Recommendation is to call the support telephone – Is it really a bug?!
• How Patches\Updates will be delivered past the initial release date
• Once the sw is loaded software updates are automatic
• Highlights of the main new features of the EV3 - This sw is designed for children & newcomers to the
programming experience; it’s about expectations vs. reality.
• P-Brick
• New features of the EV3 software
• The accessories (motors & sensors), the ball wheel.
• Q&A of coaches on the call
• Take away actions from the call & follow-up process

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